What Can Be Done About Climate Change

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emmie | 14:23 Mon 03rd Dec 2018 | News
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is it a natural occurrence, after all the climate has changed over billions of years - is this really what we will come to.


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Kromo; //It's hard to do anything that's carbon-neutral given the way that our economies have developed.// That is absolutely true, but there is so much hypocrisy surrounding these jamborees, look at Paris, a huge multi-million dollar fiasco, with people flooding in from all over the planet, self-congratulating, virtue-signalling, and achieving...
12:15 Tue 04th Dec 2018
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with emerging economies like India and China aren't they using fossil fuels to create energy, and doesn't that add to the problem all round.
Change happens, usually gradually, naturally, but suddenly with human activity.
We can only set good examples. There's no world government to force nations to act responsibly.
Given the will to do so, we may be able to halt it (after all we seem to have solved the hole in the Ozone layer by banning CFCs).

But the will is currently lacking, rampant capitalism, powerful vested interests, and overpowering consumerism being our priorities.
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what kind of legacy are we leaving to our children, if David Attenborough says it will be a catastrophe, then surely we must sit up and take note.
We can only hope ennis. But the Monsanto experience shows what we are up against.
I doubt that the world sees DA's word as the word of God, but I think most realise the climate trend is a concern. Some big players seem less than willing to get on board though. However I suspect what's asked from the rest may be too much to expect. Here's hoping CO2 extraction gets going on a large scale buying us time.
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i confess apart from watching the news, disasters appear to be coming more frequently to all corners of the globe. the weather report on the news said that at one point in the not too distant future our weather could be up by 5 degrees, now i am no scientist, but that seems an awful lot.
"Rampant capitalism" could hardly be used to describe China. Climate change is real, but the degree to which man contributes to it is debatable.
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i doubt my carbon footprint is that high, i rarely go out, though i do get my food delivered, so there is that, don't fly, nor have the electricity on that long, and only have the gas oven on once a day.
You can pretty much guess what I’m going to mention next.......

The Most Efficient Machine Ever Invented. So I read an article in The Independent wherein it stated that "The energy efficiency of a bicycle has been estimated to be the equivalent of the average car doing 1,600 miles on a gallon of petrol."

Can’t just blame the corporations, we’ve ALL got to do our bit through recycling and reducing use of the motor vehicle.
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Sir David Attenborough addressing the climate change conference in Poland.

The naturalist Sir David Attenborough has said climate change is humanity's greatest threat in thousands of years.

The broadcaster said it could lead to the collapse of civilisations and the extinction of "much of the natural world".
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i don't drive either, but of course plenty of people do.
Just below and to the right of the video in Emmie's link, there is a section titled "Climate change; where we are in 7 charts". Makes interesting reading though it sums up by saying one of the best things we can do, globally, is to eat less meat. Not sure there would be many takers.

This is an enlightening chart of which countries are most responsible for CO2 emissions. China are far and away the most responsible and unless they address it, the rest of the world are facing a losing battle. I don't think anything we can do individually here in the UK is going to make the slightest bit of difference to global climate change. Sanctions on Chinese communist globalism may be the only way to genuinely tackle this problem.
Forget the CO2 guff. It is a con. A job opportunity for the doom mongers, and a tax opportunity for eager governments.

""CO2 is just a very small component of Earth's atmosphere - about 400 ppm or 0.04% of all the gases in the atmosphere. So compared to the major components of the atmosphere (nitrogen 78% and oxygen 21%), CO2 is just a trace gas. Furthermore, of the 186 billion tons of CO2 that enters into the atmosphere yearly only 4% is man-made, the rest is from the oceans, volcanoes, and decaying plant matter. So man's contribution to total atmospheric gases via CO2 is just a small percentage of a trace!""
Ozone layer thing? That bwas bannimng CFCs was it? Perhaps.

.. or even banning CFCs
Wonder what Togo's going on about now, but c.400 ppm of C02 is quite enough thanks.

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What Can Be Done About Climate Change

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