What, Another Referendum ..... But With Compulsory Voting!

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wiltsman | 00:28 Fri 30th Nov 2018 | News
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A lot has been said about another referendum, and I tend to agree that we should have another one, but with this big proviso.

It should be, that like Australia with general elections, it should be made compulsory for all the electorate here to vote in any second referendum. Most people now have a much clearer idea of what they really want, after listening to the remain or leave camps over the past couple of years.

This way we will truly know what the actual voters seek. I would add, that as well as a box on the voting slip for a 'remain' or 'leave' vote, there would have to be a third box for the 'don't knows', although I would hope that it would be virtually redundant.


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I'd go in exactly the opposite direction, by ensuring that nobody was ever allowed to vote in any election or referendum until they'd passed an examination equivalent to A-level Economics. I find it totally preposterous that people are allowed to vote on issues that can affect our economy without having the slightest notion of how economics works.
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Point taken!
...or many other topics which may affect our lives profoundly of which they're totally ignorant, wouldn't you agree, Buenchico?
I agree with Chris, how is it that many people who can't grasp even the most elementary features of the language (such as the difference between your and you're, or there and their and they're) suddenly become experts in the most complex international economics.
This can't be right. It's late at night and I'm actually agreeing with V_E. That never happens!

Not another thread - coat on.
Wonder if Buenchico has read Popper's "The Open Society and its Enemies".
One enemy was Plato: get rid off the riff-raff and let the clever set decide.

We have had a Democratic Referendum, sorry remoaners but you lost, get over it.
Is Canary demanding that competence in English grammar is a prerequisite for UK citizenship or voting rites?
Sorry quitters, you cheated, you're getting what you deserve as a result.
I've read summaries of Popper's work but not the complete text.

I enjoy reading mainly nihilist philosophy (e.g. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche) but I have to admit to finding it heavy going at times!
/// Is Canary demanding that competence in English grammar is a prerequisite for UK citizenship or voting rites?///

Don't read things into my posts which aren't there.
Casting a ballot is not cheating - it's choice.
Doesn't universal franchise imply necessarily that important social and economic policies like party manifesto stuff is decided by amateurs rather than experts? And often not very bright amateurs at that?
I’d support another referendum if parliament can’t agree: many however would feel aggrieved. So “forcing” people to vote in those circumstances doesn’t seem like a smart move to me.
I've said for years there should be a competency test of some sort in order to earn the privilege of voting.

Not so long ago I had to explain to a 45 year old friend what a hung parliament was! This man has only ever voted Labour because "that's who my Dad voted for".

Referendums, in my view, should never happen. By their nature referendums tend to be for big decisions, and frankly the decision of whether or not to leave the EU was far too big a decision to be put to the public. We elect our representatives to make these decisions for us.
we voted once, we got the result and we are leaving, please don't suggest another referendum.
Referenda are what got us into this mess in the first place...

Not that there's anything innately wrong with them, but I think the British experience has proved that they need a defined place in the political system and to have appropriate rules of conduct. We don't have the political infrastructure to run them properly.
The Brexiters don't want another referendum because they would be scared of losing this time.
We certainly should not have held a referendum on this I agree, but we are where we are.
For the record I absolutely oppose “intelligence tests” for voters!

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What, Another Referendum ..... But With Compulsory Voting!

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