Migrants Entering Uk

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emmie | 14:59 Sun 18th Nov 2018 | News
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Is there no way to send them back where they landed initially


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bainbrig, you should apologise to emmie for calling her a liar, however you have proved your point about people coming here not wishing to debate. here's your first contribution to this thread. "Diddly. The proportion is about 80% who don’t give a $h1t, 20% like you (and me) who do. I find it easiest to let the miseries have the run of threads like these, as you...
17:46 Sun 18th Nov 2018
It's not that simple.
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why not.
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please explain, if they took a boat across from France say, shouldn't they be returned there, we can't just take people in like this, there are rules would you believe......

How would we know where they landed initially, surely in most cases that would be the far side of Europe?
Back where ? All ID, passports etc will have ben chucked overboard.
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so we have to keep them now they are here?
send them back to france, nobody flees from France, its a safe country.
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some appear to be Iranians, once processed should they not be returned to their homeland. Otherwise it means we are shoring up ever more boatloads of people who will make the crossing from France.
One ought to know where they landed even if they destroy evidence of where they originated from. Aren't satellites watching the waters ? Monitoring what's going where ? If they land on the south coast of England of course they're from France; and if France denies it, put them back on the boat to go home. They know where they came from last.
Is there no-one on this site who cares about humanity?
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so we take in all comers, what then? Don;t our people matter to you.
Never, while our politicians take this tolerant attitude towards them.

/// Ashford MP and former immigration minister Damian Green said the solution lay in breaking up the gangs orchestrating attempts to cross the Channel. ///

No Mr Green, the solution is to send them back immediately, without the cost and need for them to be interviewed by our Immigration Officials.

/// "Desperate people clinging to rocks in Folkestone are desperate, and they are vulnerable to international criminal gangs who will tell them anything to take their money off them," he
added. ///

Never mind about 'THEIR' money, it doesn't seem to matter about the money that is being taken from the taxpayers in this country, to accommodate and pay for their keep and welfare.

They themselves are the criminals so should be sent back with a stern warning never to darken our beaches again.
What on earth has humanity got to do with these chancers.
/// Is there no-one on this site who cares about humanity? ///

Easy to say, but are you prepared to take them in and pay for their upkeep?
This problem should be cut in the bud, before it gets to the stage that we have seen with the African- Mediterranean crossings.
What about a monthly Lily Allen award for pious posturing?

This would be a suitable entry (although light on originality and goo factor):

"Is there no-one on this site who cares about humanity? "
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i do, and so do millions of Britons, but there comes a time when our people have to come first.
// are you prepared to take them in and pay for their upkeep?//

Diddlydoo has made the totally risk-free commitment to house and feed one refugee for each one housed and fed by Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, J K Rowling and AB's very own Kvalidir.
Very astute VE, also quite funny,lol.
Humanity is allowing them to stay in the safe country they were before they tried to enter here illegally: and thus dissuading others to risk the journey.

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Migrants Entering Uk

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