The Digital Age And Social Media Etc

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Stargazer | 00:58 Fri 09th Nov 2018 | News
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There was a lengthy item on tonights' news about how much data is being shared and stored on all sorts of devices without people being fully aware of how it might be used in the future. Children in particular are exposing themselves to future identity fraud aa more and more devices (even teddy bears) are now storing data which is not recoverable and one day may be put to sinister use!


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Oh right
we will deal with these problems as it goes along.
Yes data is power.
It is Government you need to watch though very soon you will see control in your own home coupled with a cashless society they will know everything about you.
The biggest problem for kids is the dodgy stuff put on social media such as endless pictures of boozing for future employers. In addition they are opening themselves up for witchunts in the future for opinions on subjects where public opinion changes over the years.
And don't get me started on Alexander etc. Idiotic thing to do to put a listening device in your home connected to the Internet and not behind adequate firewalls

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The Digital Age And Social Media Etc

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