California Shooting

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aelmpvw | 14:27 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | News
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i wonder if the day will come when these dreadful incidents don't even get a mention on the news?


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if you or someone didn't post them, i am sure they would be a small item on the news channels. Terrible tragedies like this will get air time, but not for long.
It is already true that a shooting of just one or two people only makes local news in the USA.Shootings causing only injury are not even newsworthy.
Out pourings of outrage at drunken morons playing with matches seems the cause celebre on AB at the moment. It's a question where one's priorities lie in the grand scheme of things I suppose. :-(
I have moved this thread into the category "News".
It's quite horrendous to think what can happen in the blink of an eye - truly awful.
I fought of exactly dat, ael
when the news led with Prince Chuck - i will not be a jerk when I am King - honest
and THEN with the california shooting when I thought ( er fought) someone was gonna say - i dunno why we are reporting this - it isnt news.

wasnt the police captain asked why it occurred in the Land of the Free and NOT in other advanced democracies. - and he said - this is not the place to discuss this
sort of showing why it occurred in the land of the free and nowhere else
// Out pourings of outrage at drunken morons playing with matches seems the cause celebre on AB at the moment.//

letter in the Times today on that

which allows me to repeat that more people have been arrested in the cardboard tower event than concerning the real fire
california shooting is now leading
it may have been second because of a dearth of detail

beeb following Trumps line that it was not the arms but the deluded ex marine behind the arm that did the killing
Sadly there are so many bad incidents like this. They seem to get less coverage.
Ahhh found it
On the contrary, ael. I can see the day when they become so commonplace that AB will have a sub-section; 'American Mass Shootings'.
Am I the only one who doesn't even bother to read about Americans shooting each other any more?
Nah I read them all to get the bit about NRA saying it is nothing to do with us....
its the rifles ...
( sozza I dont think I have got that the right way round - something crazy anyway)

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California Shooting

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