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I don't mind this being in News. It's certainly news to me. I'd have missed it otherwise.
14:18 Thu 08th Nov 2018
My reason not to watch it.
Would that be on the 'Comedy' Channel ?
wouldn't watch her in a month of sundays, she is a useless politician, a downright hypocrite.
Hope you enjoy it.
Love a bit of eye candy on TV and question time of all places woiii
Dianne Abbott eye candy, have you got beer goggles on then.
Strange News question.
beer goggles? How rude.. She is an angel
no she isn't - you must be blind, or blind drunk.
Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.. till they get the prick
I don't usually watch Question Time these days because it's no longer an even-handed offering. However, I will tonight. I like a laugh.
Counting down the hours ... 10, 9, 17, 42 ... oops I've missed it.
i like a laugh, but won't be watching, it's too much to take in, her on QT with that lazy IQ and her seeming intractability over what is wrong in black society today, that not a lot of dads are in attendance at their sons and daughters lives, when they get turned over and killed it's the mothers who do the crying, dads are nowhere to be seen.
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I put it in news because on the BBC Iplayer site it is in the news section.
Careful folks - if Paul Mason catches this thread you may be accused of racism.

According to Mason being critical of Abbott has nothing to do with the fact she is incompetent and has been promoted beyond her meagre, but is in fact borne out of racism. No, I don't get it either.
***meagre abilities***
Deskdiary, he's probably been listening to her. She's big on accusations of racism.
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Avatar Image Mamyalynne

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Strange News question.

12:50 Thu 08th Nov 2018

No more strange than endless music vids in CB.
//Paul Mason, member of Momentum, supporter of Jeremy Corbyn,//
Says it all really.

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Question Time Tonight, Dianne Abacus Is On

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