Who Is Nearer The Reason For The Stabbings On The Streets Of London, The Momentum Group Or Harriet Harman And The Victims Families?

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anotheoldgit | 11:38 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | News
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/// Miss Harman said: ‘They believe the internet is being used to plan and to incite violence and believe drill music and videos are used for criminal purposes.’ ///

/// Hard-left Momentum activist said knife crime is being caused by austerity. ///

/// Left-winger Anita Patel said ‘This is not a black-on-black crime. This is about austerity, zero-hour contracts and cuts. ///


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Harriet Harman is probably the nearest to the truth.
All of the above plus gang warfare and drugs.
What goes around comes around.

//Home Secretary Sajid Javid urged police to ‘step up’ action against knife crime last night. He told Met chief Cressida Dick that officers should make ‘full use’ of powers such as stop and search.//

Who was howling from the roof tops a few years ago about excessive use of stop/search specifically targetting black youth.
I give you Bernie Grant and Dianne Abbot.
Now we have several black youths murdered in a week and they are baying for more stop/search.
Of course the Police were accused of racist motives for targetting black youths weren't they? Well now our Labour MPs know the real reason and they blame austerity and zero hour contracts and not themselves.
Abbot who admitted her son was sent to a Private school to avoid black youth crime gangs.
Harriet Harman is quite correct in this instance. I note she wisely wears a stab vest with police protection when she tours her constituency.
You sow the wind and you will reap the whirlwind.

Its about gangs and drugs . Kids don't stab one another for political gains. Kid don't stab one another because of austerity. Kids stab one another because they have broken homes where they get no discipline, are taken in by Gangs who provide a defacto family with discipline, allegiance and loyalties.
well credit where it's due I think she's got a point.
The recent rise is all about drugs.
di abacus is on QT tonight, should be interesting.
I wouldn't count on it ;-)
Well that's QT ruined for me tonight, I can't even bare to look at her let alone listen to the utter tripe she dribbles out.
Question Author

/// The recent rise is all about
drugs. ///

Encourage by Drill music and YouTube videos etc.

/// Before his killing Drill Rapper Siddique Kamara, spoke about its effect on crime: ‘You see, with the crime that’s happening right now, you’ve got to put your hands up and say drill music does influence it.’ ///

/// The lyrics glorify gang warfare and include threats against rival gangs or individuals. ///

/// In one track on YouTube, Moscow17 tell rival gang Zone 2 to ‘check the scoreboard’. ///

/// Another video asks ‘how you gonna make it even?’ Zone 2 posted a song in response telling their rivals they would ‘roll up and burst them’. ///
Question Author
During WW2 we were all issued with Gas Masks, perhaps the time has now come for all youngsters in these areas to be issued with stab vests?
Because we feared our enemies would employ Gas against us
This lot are slowly killing themselves off.
I need to lie down as I find myself more or less agreeing with Harman, it's a pity that she and hers screamed about stop and search though.
There is a common thread in most of these stabbings, the one that must not be mentioned. Let's clear the elephants from the room and have a real discussion about communities shielding their own despite what they've done. There was no problem with the naming the killers of Stephen Lawrence despite the support they had in their community, we need the same resolve now.
Its got nothing to do with austerity, zero-hour contracts and cuts. Patel is talking out of her rear end. The reason for the violence is lack of respect for community, lack of responsibility for raising children to have a moral code by parents which leads them to gangs and simply lack of respect for a human life. The Police are powerless to stop them because the Left Wing just start screaming about breaching human rights when it comes to stop-and-search powers. My view has always been that you only scream about this when you have something to hide. If you are an innocent person, you should let the police do their jobs and help them as much as you can.
don't believe it's austerity, when you read about black-on-black crimes and they are many, its about belonging to a gang, and you get kudos presumably from being a hard man, so you carry a knife, then are prompted to use it often on totally innocent victims, or those that refuse to a)join a gang b)won't be a drugs mule.
Our kids are dying because drugs are a lucrative business. One that will kill many more before this year is out.
how many times do you see black and white women wailing about the loss of their son or daughter in some cases, no mention often of a dad, one who is in the picture. who can be a role model for their child, not to go off the rails, not to participate in gangs, not to be involved in any way with drugs.

I despair at seeing the stats for the dying youth.
This article worth a read. It is 10 years old but still stands true today.
too true

"Labour ministers have been anxious to play down the idea that the absence of fathers is a major influence on crime rates. Around 59 per cent of black Caribbean children and 54 per cent of mixed-race youngsters are looked after by a lone parent. In the white British population, the figure is 22 per cent.
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/// Let's clear the elephants from the room and have a real discussion about communities shielding their own despite what they've done. ///

Couldn't agree more, but dare we open up the discussion even further?

Why is the problem mostly among the black community, just like the Grooming gangs are mainly a Pakistani problem?

Yes I know there are drug gangsters and Child groomers amongst the indigenous population but nowhere near the scale we see amongst these two ethnic minorities.
just a mum to keep them safe, its hard work and almost impossible to do, dead beat dads are a plague on the black community right now, not just from that report 10 years ago. Youngsters are repeating their fathers crimes, i.e having more children who are then brought up often with no one - no support no dad and no hope.

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Who Is Nearer The Reason For The Stabbings On The Streets Of London, The Momentum Group Or Harriet Harman And The Victims Families?

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