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already been posted twice...
i think he is just sad, you can't change who you are, he doesn't look 45 either, but nearer his real age.
if you want to be young just pick an age and quote it in a number base that suits. In hexadecimal I'm 38, that'll do me.
So is it just OK to blatantly lie about things now if you personally truly believe the lies? (aka ur deluded)
If so i don't think these people should have a platform.
Oh dear, in binary I'm 1000101.
//In hexadecimal I'm 38, that'll do me.//
Aye dinae drop it any lower it will clash with your IQ ;)
hope esther mcvey doesn't see this, she'll be making it compulsory for people approaching pension age ...
I see you didn't work it out steg, what was that about IQ?
I'll wait while you google, you probably have no clue what hex is.
Question Author
I think that I am 37 in Hex. IQ probably 93ish.

This guy is seeming a celeb of sorts, it's probably some sort of stunt.I

I'm off back to bed with my Cat.
I make it 56.
if we start letting people change their ages then we open up certain people to vulnerabilities. If a 69 year old can become a 49 year old surely a 25 year old can become a 16 year old?

Sketchy business IMO... Stupid also, utterly ridiculous. He's only doing it for datesn ot because that's how he feels. The guys a silver catfish.
JD I was leaving that for steg to work out.
he'll probably be disappointed when he has a date with the seventy eighty year old who said she was fifty eight

either way everyone knows his real age now..
Whats the big deal, women have been doing it for years. One woman I went to school with, she was in the year above me , is now apparently 10 years younger than me.
yeah but they ain't bringing law suits are they auntie

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