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rich47 | 10:19 Fri 02nd Nov 2018 | News
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The Scottish Government has launched a consultation int its proposed ban on smacking children. To me it is a no brainer. How can anyone believe that teaching children that violence works as a solution is logical or sensible?


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The main problem/ issue I have with ( smacking) it is done in anger, a negative reaction.
The sad part is the people that do smack say its done 'with love'. For instance a child that goes to touch something hot or try to pull a cord - some say a mild smack on the hand will tell them its dangerous, therefore its ok..How many of these people would smack a puppy or kitten for the same thing? More likely they would they lift the animal out of danger with a sharp 'no!'.
This has been discussed on AB before. I feel so sorry that some abers have had such harsh treatment as children. However there is a vast difference between a light smack on the leg or bottom when dealing with a difficult child and using them as punchbags. The latter can be damaging to a person for life ,as is evident from some of the replies on here.
So a child is being 'difficult' ( that in itself is subjective). Perhaps screaming and shouting, perhaps being violent to another child so the answer is to shout at it and smack it........message, yes its ok to scream and hit someone to discipline them for screaming and hitting someone. Crazy!
Whose to say what is a 'light slap'?
Will it leave a red mark or sting a bit.
A 13 stone adults smacking a 5 stone child will have some force behind it!
I also think it says a lot about the adults who deem it ok to smack their children - does it make you feel powerful?
There was a comment on here on another thread where because their grandson was beating up his sister - they felt it OK to pin them to the ground! so treat violence with violence.
I'm not sure how that works, Andres.....we want to teach good behaviour, manners and how to deal with others when they anger we teach them that a "light smack" is the way to do it... :-)
I can’t understand why someone would want to or even just would, hit someone they loved
My mum used to slap my bare legs at the back. At one school I got slaps on the backside with a slipper. At another school I got caned on the backside for running down the corridor.

Guess what, I did not grow into a homicidal maniac.

The current lack of discipline, in whatever form, has totally led to the out of control behaviour we see today.
Anne---A smack is not always' given in anger'. For instance if your child runs towards a busy road and you have to grab them and hold them back. You might scold and give them a tap. But that's more relief than anger.
Just another point. Those of you who have suffered violence at the hands of your parents Can you say whether it has made you more violent towards your own children.? Just curious because it is said that' violence breeds violence'.
Define a tap Andres.
Any one who hits someone smaller than them that is not a threat to them is a coward
I would never hit a child, normalising a violent response when someone does something you don't like is not what being a good parent is about. being a god parent is making sure that people understand what is and is not socially acceptable and that there are some things you simply cannot do- and hitting people is one of them.
I would never smack any human being. Its an act of violence and more often than not its in temper. If its premedidated is worse. And if adults have to smack a child as a punishment then they are not good parents or have limited intelligence. There are better ways to teach a child what is right or wrong. I smacked once in a temper, but it was restrained so only a light slap was received. He is now an adult and doesn't even remember. I do! I don't consider a slight tap on the hand to a child out of danger to be a smack. My mother smacked me, my father didn't. I respected my father more. father hit me on bare legs with a leather belt.....often I didn't know mother hit me anywhere she could and with anything to hand.
I was eighteen and my brother ten when our father died. I asked my brother not long ago how much he remembered of dad....only him shouting was the sad reply.
My own memories aren't great. My mother is still alive, in a home suffering with Alzheimer's. I feel sorry for her but I don't like her and certainly don't love her.
The person I am is not because they hit me....but I suppose it taught me how not to be a parent.

I hit my son once and all these years later am ashamed that I did. I have never hit my daughter....we get on fine, they like me.......and I know they'd never raise a hand to another person...... :-)
Rockrose---To tap is to strike something lightly. Not leaving a red mark or bruise.

Andres -sorry but if my child ran towards a main road I would grab them back and give them a cuddle -not a slap!
So the child out of enthusiasm does something that you considers requires a slap instead of explaining why its wrong to take such action.
You are just showing that child that errors will result in a slap - so the child will not be honest with you infuture for fear of getting another slap.
To the anti slap brigade......YES! YES! have made your points....over and over again.
Message received and understood.
We are responding to points made - sorry if you don't understand how to debate Sqad.

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