Alice Weidel Talks Sense In The Bundestag.

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Togo | 18:48 Fri 26th Oct 2018 | News
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Worth watching. The Video has been translated for you, but with the sound up you will gauge the reaction to her words by the listeners present. This will not be reported on your usual news providers output. We must old our nerve whilst they begin to quiver and gulp at the realities of what is likely unless they play nice. Mrs Meerkat looks a bit tired.


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I'm in love.
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Most of what happens in the Bundestag isn't reported in our main media outlets. No need to pretend there's a conspiracy involved.
This should have special interest in this country, jim.
(bet they'd show Murkie slagging Brexit off)
Well, it is Friday, Spicerack.
Question Author
//(bet they'd show Murkie slagging Brexit off) //

Too damn right they would Spice. The Beep Beep See would have had it on the main news 24/7 with some po faced "reporter wringing their hands in the pouring rain outside the Bundestag looking like they had just been passed a death sentence on the Mews at Six. .
Brilliant! Wish we had more allies like her.
Question Author
We have allies aplenty Jackdaw. Sadly a lot have been cowed into silence with a threat of "financial" sanctions or punishment. Every Remoaner you care to challenge is now dependant on the EUSSR for their short term financial gain and long term enslavement and manipulation.
Love her to spicey
The Fatherland get the blondes with brains and we have the bimbos who are blonde.
Strange turn of events innit. Our former arch enemies can find those who will support us for leaving the EU scourge and those who we helped with their liberation (twice) from our former enemies treat us with contempt .
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The difference is Retro...……………...the Germans don't need our money. All the others do. France and Italy would not pay their way in the new World without our £Billions. Whatever the Germans are is not stupid. They do not wish to be tied to the millstone without our contributions...…….it means they are paying. Something that they have avoided since 1918.
I didn’t hear anything I disagree with.

In fact she made more sense than most people. And a return to the EEC type organisation would,be a great benefit to the UK and Europe as a whole.

She's a clever cookie, quite an inspiring speech
I like her.
very interesting an informative person, speech, i would like to see more of her, she speaks very well.
What an excellent speech.
Didn’t Frau Merkel look uncomfortable?
When the man next to her turned his back and clung on to the desk behind, I wonder if that was his 'la la, I’m not listening' stance!

What was the “subsidiary objection” about?
Question Author
Someone from the floor objected to the word "subsidiarity"( about minutes after she said it) So she repeated it.

Subsidiarity meaning.
(in politics) the principle that a central authority should have a subsidiary function, performing only those tasks which cannot be performed at a more local level.

""the Maastricht Treaty reasserts the rights of member nation states through the subsidiarity principle"
Excellent - I'm in love.

Just look at Obergruppenführer Merkels fizog - a right picture.
What a woman.
What is extraordinary is that the (well-deserved) applause is from only the section AfD parliamentarians, the rest carry out their continued policy not to, regardless of what is actually said, acknowledge any speech by an AfD member.
The shuffling of papers and looking away in a pretence that she isn't even there, let alone making excellent points, is a clear indicator of the canting hypocrisy of German politicians.
But as the share of the AfD vote increases - as it surely will this weekend- that section of the Bundestag will continue to grow until it simply has to be listened to.
what was said from 3:07 et seq is interesting.

"for countries wishing to leave in the future, the exit article 50 must be amended. that is something I called for before Brexit. the question of what lies behind the exit door must be clearly defined".

had the UK electorate known what was behind the door - beforehand as required by the good doctor - what would the result have been?

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Alice Weidel Talks Sense In The Bundestag.

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