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Probably because he wasn't there and knew sweet FA about it. Interesting to note that the guilty guy is a JW.
Have no idea who has or hasn't spoken out, good news about the sentence on Roy Collins - a dreadful delay in justice being meted out.
I too am at a complete loss to explain the silence of Tommy Robinson - aliens blocked his larynx or something

Any way nice to see you posting Chair
I would think this piece of *** not being part of a multi city/town grooming/raping/trafficking ring had something to do with it.

I'm sure TheChair had though of this but hey.....
Rouge JWs are just as bad as any ethnic or religious rouge. Being part of a minority doesn’t mean the preserve of badness. They come in all ethnic groups.

Not in any way to diminish this crime or any other like it, but I wonder how many JWs go on to commit these sort of crimes and how many of the type TR ‘highlights’?

Is there a league table of actual crime and not just a PC one airbrushed to make one group or another seem worse or better than another.
Rogue or just made up?
Don't know too much about JW's but I'm guessing their holy book doesn't advocate for rape, otherwise there'd be hundreds of JW's being prosecuted for raping thousands of girls.
Pretty low way of making political capital, you must be left wing, are you?
The JW's were rocked to their foundation, Douglas.
There have been cases over the years of JWs and child abuse. Some just ‘over enthusiastic’ chastisement. Or so they said. They are protected somewhat by the congregation and elders who attempt to mitigate the abuse by making the victim feel ‘unworthy’.

However it happens in all walks of low life.
Call me impetuous but I’d hazard a guess that TR wasn’t reporting on this because the offences were committed by a lone male, not a large group, the type of group in fact who conspire to commit similar crimes but on a larger group of vulnerable females over a more prolonged period of time.
The sort of group whose culture and religion has a history and propensity for such behaviour and whom many see or deem as part of their culture, with an ethnic background that would ensure the Police would be reluctant and even fearful to initiate an investigation and prosecution but I’m sure the OP had already considered that but posted anyway......
Isn't it simple?? Tommy has one agenda, to degrade and slate not to mention suppress Muslims and those who follow Islam. He doesn't actually care about the issues HE SAYS they cause.. He simply likes to spread hate.
Simple alright.
Like him or loath him he can't shout about every case.
Mr Robinson may just be saving himself for those cases that the powers that be turn a blind eye to, in the interest of social cohesion and stability doncha know.

The forces of law and order have no problem dealing with ordinary white perverts so no need for an intervention.

Douglass if that is the case why did he get put in prison for contempt of court?
It's a well known the vast majority of paedophiles are white men and the vast majority of them are lone operators.
That's fact and nobody should have a problem recognising that.

Quite why some people get their knickers in a twist over someone focusing on predominantly Pakistani grooming/rapist/traffickers and all round abusers is puzzling. There's not the same hatred meted out when paedophile hunters go about their business.

Perhaps they will stick the odious Collins in Robinson's old cell at Hull nick...….and let the Muslims cook for him and accompany him on his "exercise" walk?
And has my link shows this problem hasn't gone away.

And trying to gag people by labelling them Islamophobic or racist doesn't make the problem go away.

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Can't Help Wondering Why Tommy Robinson Wasn't Reporting On This.

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