Is This 1933!?!?

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spathiphyllum | 14:23 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | News
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I feel those on here with a prejudice opinion on Muslims are helping contribute to a global issue.


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Have you read the Koran, spath? China is even-handed and is also targeting Christians, there was something about that a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, can't do links.
Xinjiang says the centres will tackle extremism through "thought transformation".

waterboarding, torture, what's next. It's not right.
// waterboarding, torture, what's next. It's not right.//
you have totally made that up. No mention whatsoever in the article.
i didn't make it up, going on how the Chinese treat it's people and any dissenters can be held in jail no charges levied. Who is to say they don't use these methods to get people to change their minds about their religion or other reasons the Chinese government can think of.

and it isn't right, would you advocate the same in Britain, round up the 3 million Muslims and put them in concentration camps, probably not.
.// // waterboarding, torture, what's next. It's not right.//
you have totally made that up. No mention whatsoever in the article.

and the article has:
Former prisoners of the camps have told the BBC of physical as well as psychological torture there.

so sorry there is a mention

heigh ho - normal for AB

and Uighurs aren't Han so they are looked on with suspicion
Emmie firstly its pure conjecture on your part that torture is involved.
Secondly they are not 'rounding up' Muslims. The are taking known Extremist Activists off the streets and trying to 're-educate' them. All we do is give these Extremists any platform they care to choose, stand back, Police dare not intervene, light the blue tough paper -boom! So yes, I would welcome something similar in the UK
we are not China thank heavens.
as Peter pointed out, there is mention of torture in the piece. And going on Chinese governments ability to kill millions of it's own citizens, i don't doubt that
many will end up in the grave.
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you can't tell someone not to post..
spath yes at least on the other thread you've agreed Muslims are not a Race.
Thank you, Mamyalynne at 17.15.
I can understand them rounding up the trouble-makers, but confess their methods to 're-educate' concern me. As I said on the other thread, funny old bunch, the Chinese. If I was resident in that country I wouldn't want to fall foul of them.
I have no inclination to visit China and agree they are a strange Nation.

I agree with AL.
people have fallen foul of the Chinese authorities in their many many millions and paid the price with death camps. work labour camps or simply disappear for good, killed by a barbaric system and not just the communist regimes, but they do seem to be the worse form of government i can recall, excepting for Russia.
emmie, I'm thinking along similar lines.
China must look ar worldwide Islamist terrorism, and are taking, what they think, action to prevent it happening there. Of course, it has thrown out humanity and common sense. Sad.

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Is This 1933!?!?

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