Is This 1933!?!?

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spathiphyllum | 13:23 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | News
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I feel those on here with a prejudice opinion on Muslims are helping contribute to a global issue.


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AuntLydia's post at 14:38 on the other thread is spot on.

//If Muslims lived in peace and harmony with the rest of the world instead of expecting everyone to jump to their tune or die, there would be no animosity or hatred. //

Islam is without doubt the author of its own misfortune.
Well maybe if the Islamic religion didnt try to take over the world and lived in peace recognising everyone elses right to beive something else none of this would happen.

But no thy dont do they, just look at what they do to homosexuals and the heads of Westerners. Who can blame China for clamping down hard. We should do the same.
I'm off to bed - but it is interesting that not one poster has picked-up on Christians also being persecuted. It was the same with trying to get sympathy with the Yadizis. Somehow Muslims prevail. Just saying.

Anyway, 'night, 'night.
It was interesting how that was overlooked, Night Jourdain.

According to the Threads OP Spath wants to talk about Muslims
Question Author
Dont we all
A broader outlook can assist in seeing the finer detail.
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I just can’t support..

“The new rules mean it's illegal to spread religious fanaticism by, for example, having "abnormal beards or unusual names".
And extremism is defined so broadly that it even seems to be applicable to parents who complain if their children want to marry someone of a different faith or ethnic group.“

At all.
well it turns out that the christians are getting it in the neck in Chinese as we speak

but it doesnt relate to whether the muslims are being er sinicised.

but hell - you know this is AB !
Joourdain, //Somehow Muslims prevail.//

Indeed, but take heart. They prevail in the news because they're in evidence for the wrong reasons.
Baldric, re your link. I've been telling people here that for years .... I wonder if they'll believe him? Doubt it.
^Well, it turns out we'd never have known that, peter.........unless we read it on the first page.
but hell - you know this is AB !

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Is This 1933!?!?

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