This Story Of Pret A Manger As To Allergens And Ba Having Serious Weaknesses On Getting The Girl Treated On Board.

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DTCwordfan | 18:23 Wed 03rd Oct 2018 | News
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Pret a Manger taking action as to allergen displays, ok....needed.

British Airways in deep stuck for not telling the doctor attending the girl that they had a defibrillator and other equipment on board - as they were on the descent....appalling

But, surely, the parents are also partly to blame...her father was with her. If my daughter was highly allergic to nuts, I wouldn't have sent her to the airport without giving her a couple of safe sarnies or whatever..... They have to take some of the blame but, IMO, they are too liberal with their swingeing comments, presumably for compensation.

Views, no doubt very mixed, I bet.....?


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I am not sure that listing allergies on in house prepared goods will help. If there are no segregated production lines, labelled or not, there is no guarantee that any food will not be contaminated by an allergen. Personally I think that labelling may give people, who aren't switched on about their allergies, a false sense of security. I have got a couple of friends with Crohn's and its an accepted part of their lives that they cannot just check on ingredients and have that be enough, they have to be careful about contamination too. Places like Pret and Greggs are definitely off limits to them.
// I wouldn't have sent her to the airport without giving her a couple of safe sarnies or whatever.//

That's exactly what I thought.

If the plane was about to land both crew and passengers would have had to have been strapped in and therefore unable to use the equipment available.
A defib is used for ventricular fibrillation..
My very first thoughts: Why on earth did they let her buy a ready made sandwich? In my opinion the parents are totally to blame. You cannot expect a ready made sandwich to be completely free of anything you may be allergic to. If you or a child have severe allergies it is common sense not to buy premade prepacked food.
No...the food should be labelled correctly.
I don't think the parents are totally to blame. Apparently, Pret had been told before about the labelling on their food but hadn't actioned on it can packets of nuts on flights saying "may contain nuts"

If a child of mine suffered severe allergies likely to kill there's no way I'd entrust his/her safety to someone else - labels or not.
I was on a flight a week or so back where the crew refused to serve nuts to anyone because one of the passengers was allergic to them. Can't say I blame them really.
The food should have been fully labeled however they provided labels inline with the current law.
Given how allergic she was I would never have trusted shop bought sandwiches and would have provided my own
yeh the food can be labelled 'does not contain nuts' sesame seeds are not nuts -this young girl was allergic to sesame seeds. Good grief could she not taste/see the sesame seeds? she was fifteen!
My friend's daughter is allergic to peanuts. Apprently, they are not nuts but legumes. So the "Contains nuts" warning is irrelevant.
I'm sure it was reported a while back that the seeds were through the bread, not on top like a roll but in the dough.
but the BASE rule for anyone with such serious allergies is if its not clearly labelled and packed in a segregated system then you can't have it.
Exactly woofgang! No label do not chance it!
Douglas sesame seeds are small and black and easily spotted regardless of if they are in the dough on on the top. Not sure if she ate the lot or took one bite and realised they were in. Whatever happened its a tragedy and a young life taken too soon, the parents will never forgive themselves I'm sure.
I wouldn't chance it with my children...but still....label food accurately.
Going on holiday can take all day. She needed to eat.
Poppy seeds are black, sesame seeds are beige.
Violets are blue, Tilly, Tilly....
Indeed they are, Tilly, thank you.

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This Story Of Pret A Manger As To Allergens And Ba Having Serious Weaknesses On Getting The Girl Treated On Board.

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