This Story Of Pret A Manger As To Allergens And Ba Having Serious Weaknesses On Getting The Girl Treated On Board.

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DTCwordfan | 18:23 Wed 03rd Oct 2018 | News
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Pret a Manger taking action as to allergen displays, ok....needed.

British Airways in deep stuck for not telling the doctor attending the girl that they had a defibrillator and other equipment on board - as they were on the descent....appalling

But, surely, the parents are also partly to blame...her father was with her. If my daughter was highly allergic to nuts, I wouldn't have sent her to the airport without giving her a couple of safe sarnies or whatever..... They have to take some of the blame but, IMO, they are too liberal with their swingeing comments, presumably for compensation.

Views, no doubt very mixed, I bet.....?


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You are correct Zacs under current legislation they didn't have to be listed as they are baked into the bread (I believe)
I also now believe that that is to change shortly.
But they should do, Zacs, as they now know it can kill someone.
People have to take responsibility for what they eat! This young person bought a sandwich, apparently did not ask if it contained sesame seeds, and just ate it. Pret-a-manger were under no obligation to print allergens on the label. When in doubt don't eat it. It would have been a very different story had she been misinformed by the a sales assistant that no sesame seeds were in the sandwich but she wasn't -did not even ask.
Apparently the allergies were clearly printed on labels near the payment desk. If the young lady did not buy this sandwich herself then the person who did should have checked those signs.

Link please spath,

And unfortunately i can't provide one. However, if you go into a pret you will see their allergic warnings behind the desk / kiosque / tills area or bar bit whatever

No surprise there then, I wouldn't set foot in one, if I want food I want good food.
Cus of the sesame?

No allergies at all here Mate, prime stock ;o)
I believe you.. imagine being able to take down a Royal Marine with a shady loaf.
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To get back on track, if her allergy was that severe and the items weren't made on a dedicated allergen free production line, which I understand shops find virtually impossible, then there is no way to guarantee that it would be safe. One of my Crohn's friends has to wipe her baby's face before she kisses her or is kissed by her, if the baby has eaten anything like toast or cake. She finds it heartbreaking but even crumbs of a gluten containing product are enough to give her a bad reaction. She was only diagnosed as an adult after years of diet and digestive issues and really thought she had it nailed till the baby went onto solid food and she started getting episodes again.

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This Story Of Pret A Manger As To Allergens And Ba Having Serious Weaknesses On Getting The Girl Treated On Board.

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