Double Whammy From The Anti Democracy Brigade......

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ToraToraTora | 09:41 Wed 03rd Oct 2018 | News
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Someone tell this eejit that not only did the UK vote to leave but, to play silly burgers with the regions, so did Wales boyo! So he wants to ignore the democratic will of the people x 2!


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//People x 2//

Did everyone get their vote counted twice?
Question Author
ok for the hard of thinking he wants to gnore the democratic will of the UK and Wales, = x2, geddit?
//Adam Price said Plaid was calling "clearly and unequivocally" for a referendum on the final Brexit terms.//

and if the electorate provide the "wrong" answer again?

As a matter of fact if you are going to bring the different countries of the UK into it then Scotland and Northern Ireland voted decisively not to leave and would do so again.
Personally I have alway felt that this fact greatly undermines the claim that the “UK” voted to leave
^^ What Ich said ^^

what about the fair percentage that voted to leave in Scotland and NI. Are their voices not to be heard at all.
I voted to leave, and i would vote the same way again,
but it shouldn't come to that, as we voted to leave in 2016 and that should have been it. But the remainers still think things can be overturned, which they can't.
Question Author
yes that's why I preceeded the Wales bit with "if you want to play silly burgers" - It's a UK wide vote end of but this guy cannot even use well - insert name of region - voted to remain, argument so beloved of the remoaners.
Do you really mean that emmie?
That’s the argument usually pounced on as undemocratic by so many.
I understand that there are counter arguments but two out of the four members of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (as opposed to the UK of London, Arbroath, Llangollen, Enniskillen etc etc etc) voting different ways from the other two would at least seem to be worth some pause
When interviewed by News at Ten last night Jeremy Hunt was asked if there would be another referendum if no deal was the outcome of negotiations.His reply was " No, should we then have a third and a fourth"
i always mean what i say. There is this myth that London was almost totally remainers, but that isn;t so, no more Scotland. Over 17 million voted to leave, much to the surprise of many, but that fact remains, it was a democratic vote and one that shouldn't be overturned.
"Overturning the result" would only happen if the result were flatly ignored from the start. It hasn't been. There is no rule in democracy that states that a vote, once made, is sacrosanct for all time. Indeed, the very opposite is true.

A democracy that is incapable of changing its mind is no longer a democracy.
Not a very intelligent answer from Jeremy Hunt which I hope he wasn’t allowed to get away with: a referendum in a deal would be “another referendum” but not a repeat of the first. Whether you want another referendum or not, it’s a poor answer
ICH, The answer was no to a referendum on the outcome of negotiations.
We had a General Election in May 2015 and another – at the whim of the Tories, who had been deluded into believing they would win by a landslide – in June 2017, a gap of two years and one month.
We had an EU referendum in June 2016 and it is now October 2018, a gap of two years and four months.
Was what happened in 2015 not “the democratic will of the people” and wasn’t the 5-year Parliament Act already in force? And, if they were, why was one group of politicians allowed to subvert them by single-handedly insisting that the electorate must decide yet again?

It’s not only Remainers who want to eat their political cake and have it or go on asking until they get the answer they want!
Yes Danny but as I say Hunt seemed deliberately to confuse the two ideas, giving a dishonest answer.
Let's be honest, the whole 'vote on the terms of the deal' is just a way of attempting to overturn the original result.

No one that's asking for a vote on the deal has the remotest intent to vote anything but against whatever deal is offered, irrespective of what it terms it may contain.

Similarly, I don't know of anyone in the leave camp that's now saying saying, 'yes, we got the leave result, but it's imperative we now have another referendum on the terms of leaving'.

Personally I'm past caring what happens.
How many times do people want to vote on terms of government contracts?

Should we have a vote every time they negotiate a trade deal with any and all countries?

How about we vote on how we reform the nhs or any number of other things?

We don’t hold them to a vote for all ensundry.

I think IF there were any kind of vote now it should be simply accept the EU deal or WTO deal. That would satisfy the eggheads who want a say on the final deal. But of course that won’t be good enough for them.

Each side would then be duty bound to campaign fully with whatever they chose.
I'm with Ludwig, I'm past caring as well now!! The whole thing is a damn farce ....
It’s a farce with dire consequences.

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Double Whammy From The Anti Democracy Brigade......

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