Double Whammy From The Anti Democracy Brigade......

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ToraToraTora | 09:41 Wed 03rd Oct 2018 | News
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Someone tell this eejit that not only did the UK vote to leave but, to play silly burgers with the regions, so did Wales boyo! So he wants to ignore the democratic will of the people x 2!


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Here, here, cassa - it behoves us to stick with the issue.
"... two out of the four members of the United Kingdom ... voting different ways from the other two would at least seem to be worth some pause"

Don't see why. One can always divide up a whole and make the borders such that areas seem to be divided fairly equally. Acacia Avenue may have voted mainly remain, for all I know. If it did should that be reason to pause for thought. It means nothing as the nation is the whole of the UK which is what counts.

What it can be useful for is noting that some areas have specific local concerns that override the option to vote in the national interest. In that case those concerns can be looked at to see if a reasonable solution can be found.

Unfortunately though, on the other side of the table sit the EU who don't rate your local priorities, just so long as they can refuse to help make things work as well as possible, and so save themselves the hassle of putting effort into solutions. It's more in their interest to cause trouble wherever the opportunity arises, and if it thinks it sees an opportunity to divide and conquer it'll do it's best to achieve that.
A "democracy" that keeps changing it's mind, or gives the opportunity to do so, until the elite gets the result it wants, is not worthy of the title, "democracy".

The democratic process was followed, a result obtained. It now behoves the government to achieve that decision, and not make offers that cross red lines, whilst they claim they are achieving. In this particular case we either regain sovereignty or the issue hasn't been settled.
As I alluded to earlier it’s not the U.K. of Acacia Avenue etc ....

The idea that democracy is not a proper democracy if it keeps changing its mind is ... interesting. Even allowing for the idea of some elite
The only way T/M and her ailing party can save face is a second referendum , and I can see it happening.
The crux is not the changing of the mind, the crux is the allowing flip flopping before even progressing on the decision simply because some don't like that things didn't go their way. Given sufficient time to legitimately reconsider, one can change one's mind. 2030 then ?
Save face by holding a second referendum ?! What ?!
Good one, were it not so tragic.

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Double Whammy From The Anti Democracy Brigade......

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