General Strike? What Is Happenning To Labour?

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ToraToraTora | 08:46 Wed 26th Sep 2018 | News
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It's like the crackpot Olympics at the moment. Now I can understand the TUC et el calling for a general strike but an MP! Will she go on strike too? Please!


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just what the country needs right now a general strike, their ideas get barmier by the minute.
Well the Labour party is promising to put the country back on its feet.
She needs to read up on what happened in the 70s. Silly woman.
I'm a Labour supporter, but even I can see that this idea is mad.
This bunch with their increasingly crackpot ideas must be haemorrhaging rational Labourites in their thousands.
The problem with Labour, it seems to me,is that Len "dinosaur" Mcluskey is having far too much influence in what is happening.I know Unite are a big contributor to Labour funds but keeping a back bench serial protester in place as a puppet leader does Labour no good at all.
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grumpy, that doesn't help but their real problem is the momentum lot bullying out the sensible Labour MPs and turning the party into a cabal of extremists.
You are quite right TTT. The two problems are inter related,i.e a puppet leader allows Momentum to grow in strength which as you say will end up with the de selection of good constituency M.P.'s e.g. Frank Field. It would be no surprise to me to learn on the news that Tony Blair and other like minded people were starting a new centrist party.
Indeed: and next week it will be followed as usual by the crackpot Paralympics ...
I posted this in the post a couple down but will repost here.

Labour, or momentum at least, are so confident they will win an election they are advocating and calling for a general strike to force a general election.

There is so much bickering and backstabbing in both parties about Brexit that they are all acting like spoilt children and don’t deserve to be in power.

However given the stupidity of the Labour claims of what they propose I would rather vote Tory than risk the future of the UK and my children’s future to the imbecilic momentum run Abbott and Corbyn Labour Party.
Note this speech was NOT at the Labour party conference but an event running alongside it.

However this lady Laura Smith is doing a great job encouraging MORE people to vote Tory at any future election, with people like her in the Labour party.

Sadly the unions and Labour tried to destroy the country in the 70s (and turn it communist!) but Thatcher came in and rescued it.

Some Labour members want to ruin the country again.
Icheria 09.27 ????
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yes guilbert, Ironically it is loonies like these that created the conditions for TGL.
Looks like Corbyn has planted a job tree to join his money tree. He is promising 400,000 jobs.
Good heavens Danny do I need to spell it out?

Here’s one of the medal prospects:
Icheria, I still do not understand your reference to paralympics.
Try reading the OP again
I think some people get carried away with the 'romanticism' of history - especially Labour politicians and history like The General Strike.

They view it through rose-coloured spectacles, as though it will last twenty-four hours and sweep Labour into power.

The fact that this woman thinks that a General Strike is remotely feasible, never mind desirable, calls into question her fitness to walk a dog round the block, never mind represent people in Parliament.
It appears that TGT has taken over nearly all the posts on the News section again, with his Terminological Inexactitude , think this is what bonded TGT with who he refers to as TGL, talking Absurd Nonsense.

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General Strike? What Is Happenning To Labour?

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