Oh No, Ruddles Won't Be £1.99 Anymore ?

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youngmafbog | 13:27 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | News
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Looks like Tim is raising his prices, bet they wont be as much as otehrs have though!


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It was tax free day yesterday. All food and drink less 10%. :-)
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Like it.
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Curry night too.
Too true ymf. A good day to promote it. I was paying £4.50 per pint in Bisley Surrey the last three days. :-(
i was paying 5.20 per 500ml of Pear cider just a few weeks ago. Extortionate, even the Becks is 4.95
Generally don't use wetherspoons as the beer quality isn't always the best. But they often have good ales at our local one and they are noticeably cheaper. Still I don't mind paying around £4-5 a pint for a really good beer, perfectly served.
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Rarely had any problems with a 'Spoons plus order it from the app and its bought to your table and if wrong they go get you another or something else.

And far far cheaper than any pub.
Had no issues with Wetherspoons, except the steak night when they had no steak. But it's often the case the place is popular/packed and the noise level not conducive to a pleasant quiet conversation.

Elsewhere I grudgingly pay £4+ a pint, but balk at £5+

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Oh No, Ruddles Won't Be £1.99 Anymore ?

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