Why Has Life Become So Cheap In The Uk?

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youngmafbog | 12:22 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | News
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This has to be one of the worst joke sentences I have ever seen. Except it is not funny.

15 years for murder with an axe and samurai sword .

Absolute savage should never see the light of day.


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AH//So you consider murder of an innocent lady with an axe and a sword not a serious case//
In this case the word so was used correctly.
This a debate regarding premeditated murder.A Criminal Act.There is no rhyme or reason for this killing.
We are not discussing the industrial Revolution when H&S and risk assessment were not introduced.Deaths,though plentiful , were more accidental. Inadequate clothing,inadequate safety equipment (pit props)etc etc.
What is the so rule?
There is no such thing as "the so rule" It only exists in the imagination of someone.
Robo' an example here:-
Getting back to discourse-marker so, another way people use it is to find out if earlier information has been understood correctly, like this:

(6) So too much vitamin A can actually be harmful?
Thanks danny,
Wish I had never asked.Not a site rule then but imaginary. Ok.
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/// Life in the UK has not become cheap. ///

/// If it had, these stories wouldn’t make the papers. ///

If these stories didn't make the papers, then they would have become so much more than 'CHEAP' they would have become 'WORTHLESS.
Oh For Funks Sake enough of the so called 'So rule' already !!

Yes ymb life HAS become cheap in this country imo .....

/// With a growth in population comes a concentration of people in certain areas creating tensions and pressures leading to violent events. ///

All down to multiracism/multiculturalism then Zacs?

/// Life is no cheaper than at other points throughout history. ///

If we had the number of murders as we have today, it would have needed not just one public executioner, there would have been need for an army of them, working flat out 24/7.
I think it is likely this boy, and that is closer to what he is, may well go on to display behaviour which will mean he will serve longer than the minimum. He has done a terrible thing, and it was premeditated but coming from a disordered thought process. He wanted her to die so he could have his life.... it's awful but he called the police, he didn't go on to kill others, he isn't a serial killer or a spree killer.
I believe life should mean life maybe within closed community living when age or infirmity make the likelihood of further offences really unlikely. Life isn't cheap while people have the ability to care about victims, while the press still reports these cases and life sentences are handed down.
At the end of a life tariff many people have to recommend the prisoner for release. In 27 years and many hundreds of reports I only recommended a small number for release at tariff end. In very few occasions was my recommendation over ruled.
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No dont ban comments on the So rule. I have been breaking it for ages fishing for comment and finally hooked Andy! :-)
Question Author
SP, I am not questioning whether the judge was permitted legally to give the sentence more that the guidelines or whatever can be interpreted to let some killing savage like this out in 15 years.

No matter how you cut it he 'could' be free to do it again a a very short period. Clearly you are ok with this.

I'm not sure why you are banging on about history, years ago this low life would be swinging from a tree and left for all to see.
What us older generation would call the "Good old days" :-)
I wonder how AOG missed this. The killer is black.
It's not rocket science. I am sure Mr aog didn't miss that fact.
More people grouped in certain areas with inherited tribal instincts will defend their gangs patch. Life is cheap, it’s too easy to make another human being ergo easy to eliminate those they deem disposable.
Sadly our species sucks.
Amen to that.
Strange that you should disagree with me Retro, but agree with someone who parroted what I said:

With a growth in population comes a concentration of people in certain areas creating tensions and pressures leading to violent events.

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