If A Driverless Car Isn't For You,

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jackthehat | 20:06 Thu 13th Sep 2018 | News
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As someone who rides bikes, I can't think of anything I'd prefer less, although I understand why they are looking at safety angles :/
Question Author
Seeing one of those on the road would be enough to make you crash your driverless car! LoL
Not one for me JTH, takes all the pleasure from riding a bike I would imagine ~ good piece of technology though.
Google introduced one of these in (very) early April a year or two back

It does look like it would take all the pleasure out of it. I don't even like automatic cars.
Question Author
LoL.....I remember that IJKLM.
Can’t wait for Tora to see this.
Question Author
///Can’t wait for Tora to see this. ///

He'll post his own.....and then notice this. LoL
that is terrifying.. If TTT isn't a fan of the driverless cars (due to their unpredictability robot minds in a reality situation) i bet my bottom dollar he'd rather ride a donkey than one of these
A self guiding donkey?
I'll drive thanks.
I'd rather ride a donkey than one of those too Spath :/
ZM, a donkey is normally self-guiding. That's why you have to guide it, gently I hope, into the direction that you want it to go:)
if there is one thing more dangerous than a driverless car it's a driverless motorbike! That thing will never be allowed on the road. Those stabilisers will cause havoc.
TBh I assumed it was a clip I'd seen before, this one looks better but still kin dangerous, especially if it has to stop quickly. I thought it was this one;
'Those stabilisers will cause havoc.'
Not to mention them making the rider look like a complete twonk.
it's a good challenge as a technical exercise but not really practical or safe on the road.
Snow White' s little pals will be snapping them up.
As a biker I give this the thumbs down. I really cant imagine anything more dangerous.

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