Is It About Time Our Spineless Government Allowed To Legally Bare Firearms?

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Firewithfire | 15:54 Sat 25th Aug 2018 | News
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We’re facing a global threat, a many headed hydra that thinks it’s cool to bomb schools, theatres, trains, to stab us and to now drive cars into us.

I have no problems with the moderates of them, just the twisted mentally Ill potential mass murderers.

Our government are okay behind bullet/ bomb proof cars, 24 hour armed security and living in safe fortresses whilst the rest of us going about our daily business are targets and game for these twisted psychopath.

I talk daily to my stateside brethren who always laugh at Europe and us at being unarmed in This UNHOLY war and we


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are all in agreement that if we were armed we would be able to neutralise the terrorist threat if it were to tear its ugly head in a place where most of the public ate armed.

So should we have a humanitarian right to defend ourselves by being armed and fight “fire with fire” hence my username or not and imif so why?

I understand that this sites main demographic is mainly middle aged and elderly placid women but would also like hear from young angry males for their point of views as well in way of balance no offence to you beautiful ladies.
At the moment we are seeing a rise in knife crime, imagine the consequences of the perpetrators being armed with guns.
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Dannyk13, yes I understand your point and yes it would mean fatalities but then it would meant that the terrorists would be out named and outgunned by the public and they would know this
You may be right about the age demographic, but I am not sure that our regular members would appreciate being called "placid" as well!

Pretty sure it's the wrong place to look for angry young men too, if it comes to that.
Carrying a gun is one thing. Knowing how to use it is quite another. If members of the public carried guns, might there not be the risk of them shooting wildly at the wrong people?
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I have close friends who are moderates who agree with me and are 1000% against the sick minds of murderous scumbags who want to start a “holy war” and are making the lives of moderates extremely difficult as some of us then turn against them.
Shallow thinking.
I'd like to see all police being armed; however, according to some surveys amongst them most police don't want that responsibility.
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Jim360? we have daily viscous islamaphobic snd racist rants amongst others so I disagree and I’m sure the ladies are placid and not rabid testosterone filled animals like us males and would appreciate me calling on their kinder mothering nature.

Bookbinder, my brethren in the states go shooting all the time at the range, on the ranches and in the Forrest ect are pretty great target shooter from what I see on their YouTube channels this includes their children who could in a terrorist attack might be hero’s if their parents go down.
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Sanmac the police aren’t always around in a terrorist attack but the public are as these are the targets.

If a van is seen acting erratically and looking likes it’s going to kill someone or a stabber or shooter is in the process of killing then the public then become their own police, judge, jury and executioner
Well, anyway. I don't agree that introducing more guns into any situation like this does much good, if any.
The threat from Islamic terrorism is, of course, extremely frightening. But it is important when faced with such threats to keep our heads and try to stick to the facts. Even taking account of the recent rise in global terrorism, the fact is that the risk of being killed in a terror attack today is at an historic low:

Obviously, this does not diminish the tragedy of those who are killed in such attacks, and in no way suggests that we shouldn't be vigilant or that the authorities shouldn't be taking action. But it is important to keep the threat in perspective and remain calm.

The proposal of arming the civilian population is worse than the problem we currently have. One only needs to see the epidemic levels of gun violence and regular massacres of children in the USA to see that. It is not at all wise to back ourselves into that kind of corner.

I understand it is viscerally satisfying to imagine ourselves bravely gunning down terrorists. But as your chances of being caught up in an attack are extremely low, and the simple human truth that nobody knows how they would actually react in such a terrible situation, the potential gains of widespread gun ownership are far smaller than the risks.

As a Former RM I am well aquainted with the damage that can be inflicted with a Fire Arm.
I would like to see more/all of our Police properly trained and then armed.
But looking at The US of A as an example does give me confidence that allowing the general public to carry guns would be a good idea.
Also, I notice that you're new here.

Hi, welcome to Answerbank.

Friendly advice: if you want people to engage with your topic, don't introduce yourself to the site by insulting its members. They won't take kindly to it and if you keep it up, neither will the mods.
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How many attempted terror attacks happen in the armed states compared to how many in Europe and the uk?

There’s a reason why they could only use bombs and planes as what is essentially a street army on the ground compared to us and Europe who are what they must see as themselves as giant wolves and the public as little lambs.

// and would appreciate me calling on their kinder mothering nature //

Best laugh I've had all day ;o)
I don't think there is any real evidence that the rate of terror attacks in the US is significantly lower compared with the EU. Even if there is such evidence, the price that the US pays is a greatly increased rate of "home-grown" mass shootings from people without a political/Islamist agenda, but still with a deadly weapon.
//How many attempted terror attacks happen in the armed states compared to how many in Europe and the uk? //

I don't have information about terror attacks in the US to hand. Perhaps you can provide some.

The data on mass shooting incidents (which are a serious threat to the public in the USA) does not make your solution look very attractive, though.

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