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One case (not majority) Rockrose and I still doubt the figures.

No one would continue loosing 20k a year.
There Are None So Blind
As Those Who Will Not See
So you honestly think the majority of milk farmers not only go to work for 12 hours a day but are happy to pay for the privilege to the tune of 20k a year?

My my, they are even better than volunteers.
Our local farmer has diversified into Rose veal so that he can keep the dairy farm going.
So tell me how is that you accept the DM on countless occassions when immigration is mentioned but not when you don't wish to accept another view?
And if the supermarket can't buy cheaply are they going to go for imports with high tariffs because the producers aren providing the same animal welfare as demanded in the UK ? Some just look for problems.
Aren't !!!
I'm not sure why you've brought animal welfare into the debate, OG.
Are you denying supermarkets put pressure on farmers to lower profits?
No. Why would I ? Why would you even suggest it ?

Er... obviously because that's an easy way to undercut the price of those with higher standards ?

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Cbi Says Immigration Targets Should Be Scrapped When We Leave The Eu.

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