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Spath, can't read it without registering.
Question Author
ow :(

Well to make it a question.. Is it spelt Burqa OR burka?
Question Author
"But he came under attack for saying Muslim women in burkas "look like letter boxes" and comparing them to bank robbers."

Thanks Lynne.
Did it? Odd - is fine here - still the more sources the better.
Well - quite.
No problem reading it on my laptop.
Either spelling is acceptable

Perhaps it is the add-on that I have recently added to Fire-Fox.

It gets rid of most of those infernal cookies acceptance pop-ups.
It may be, I'm not very technical.
Either spelling might be acceptable: however, the object itself is not.
Question Author
the objects acceptability is subject to the wearer.
ban it completely, it's a disgusting outfit from a backward cultural mindset, that has no place in the 21 century, rights yea..cultural difference, but..a very bad misogynist oppressive man made idea, to keep women girls hidden, like all men are pervs, or it's my property and only for my gaze...plz get a life.
I`m with Fender and Boris they are both offensive and ridiculous, more indicative of the feeble egos of those men enforcing them while they wear designer trainers etc.
However Boris also says Denmark is wrong to outlaw face coverings.
I love it when most dance round the issue

Boris is a buffoon... but on this occasion he is right (although he could have left the letterbox comment out)
I disagree. Boris is not a buffoon, he sometimes acts like one. This is for effect. The distinction is important.

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