Visas Being Issued To Husbands Of Child Brides.

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anotheoldgit | 09:24 Thu 02nd Aug 2018 | News
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What is it with this country? it would seem that officials are once again conveniently turning a blind eye in fear of being labelled racist.


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From the article: "The Times investigation uncovered figures showing the Home Office last year handled 88 cases in which victims wanted to block visas for the men they were made to marry. The data showed 42 of the visas were still granted despite the attempts to stop them"

They didn't grant a little over half of the cases so it's not fair to say they turned a blind eye- although I would agree that it seems odd that they should have accepted any, and it would be interesting to know their reasoning.
it'll be TROB again.
Transportation Railway Operating Battalion?
I've got it!!


The righteous old ***.
the right on brigade
Not seen that in News for a few days
There is a gentle edge into acceptance of this backward way of thinking.
There is also the case in the press where a Sharia wedding was accepted in a divorce settlement.
what we have here is TROB and TROP cooperating to achieve both their goals. Which is ironic because normally TROB would hate the core values of TROP but they seem strangely attracted to them.
And the award for 'The most irritating use of acronyms 2018' goes to...

I don't see any evidence that the ethnic origin or religion of the officials has anything to do with it. However, it does seem that whilst we don't allow Christians into the country, ( but if you're a criminal, a terrorist, or an Islamist you stand a good chance of having your visa rubber-stamped?
And people seem to wonder why anti-immigration parties are on the rise- it's little to do with racism and everything to do with an impotent and corrupt system and backbone-free politicians.

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Visas Being Issued To Husbands Of Child Brides.

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