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bentaxle | 12:07 Sun 22nd Jul 2018 | News
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They are allowed to get away with , I suppose really its because we are frightened of them if the truth be told


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Don't get me started.

We have a beautiful park at the end of our road and they keep parking up there even after the council but bollards in. They parked on the football pitches. When they do get moved on they go to another nearby park and then back again. They are interrupting charity events.
This could be happening in Bristol.

All of the thing they say they theywill do they do anyway
Serial offenders should face confiscation, fines, and eventually gaol.

(And some idiot's allowing a camp down the road from me, where they are going to build massive estates in the nearby countryside.)
Are travellers a protected species now? It seems so.

Planning laws should apply to everyone.

But we all know that it doesn’t.
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Don't you mean 'they are NOT allowed to get away with' ?
not this horse tripe again, no one is afraid of this scum. I am continually annoyed at why we can't just get the riot squad to move them on though.
//quite happy with these"travellers"living on stolen land! //

who is?
JNO, vengaroberta is a VERY new member but I don't know how we managed before he/she arrived. Great having an expert in all subjects in our midst.
I think it less that anyone is 'afraid' of the travelling community, than that they take advantage of the arcane planning laws that are so full of loop-holes and ludicrously over-long procedural delays that the travelling community can, and do, drive their caravans through them on a daily basis.
venga - // Looks like quite a lot of people on here arent happy about Israel living on"stolen"land,but are quite happy with these"travellers"living on stolen land! //

I'm not at all sure your comparison flies - would you care to explain the similarities between Israeli settlers on the Left Bank, and the travelling community in the UK?
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What riot squad ,last year they took over the coastal town of Cromer and I believe there four police to stop it , which they couldn't
Why we don't bring in the army to handle these sort of jobs , They seem to find to find time to parade up and down in London when it suits them

In a way I agree TTT - but move them on to where? No matter how much we may dislike their way of life, they are entitled to a place to lay their heads at night. Dedicated camping spots??
last week, a 19month old kiddie was run over and killed by a van on the public open space that surrounds sarehole mill in Birmingham, which will be very familiar to Tolkien aficionados. the police, authorities and the press are saying very little about the incident, other than a man was arrested for dangerous driving but later released. (an obvious question might be, what was a van doing driving round a public park?) co-incidentally, there's been an incursion of travellers to the parkin recent weeks; they were due to be evicted this weekend, but haven't.
bentaxle: "What riot squad" - the one we should be sending in the minute this lowlife scum rock up. They soon get enough plods to police a demonstration. This is about endeavour not personnel.
Maggie: "move them on to where?" there is no shortage of land in the middle of no where but this scum need to be near civilised people so they can thieve anything that's not nailed down. Anyway there are official sites but they trash them and live like animals leaving piles of tish for us to clean up.
Sad though it is mushroom25, this sort of thing happens regularly. In my local park recently a young lass who had just passed her test was showing off to her pals and crashed into a tree. Two killed and another two left badly injured.
OK TTT, there is plenty of land in the middle of nowhere, but every inch of land belongs to someone.
buy the land or better still an island and shove them all on there.
//buy the land or better still an island and shove them all on there.//

Just travelers or all of the homeless as the travellers are in essence homeless folk, forgotten about by society, forced to uproot their homes when pitchfork and torchbaring mobs threaten then and then are forced back on the long lonely road to try and find somewhere to call home...
have a day off minky, travellers are not homeless they choose to live by towing a caravan everywhere, thieving and leaving a ton of carp in their wake. That's their choice , they could if they wanted to, join the human race.

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