Linekar's Outburst.

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NoMercy | 19:37 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | News
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What a disgraceful and disrespectful attitude towards Conservative politicians. The whole country is proud of England and their achievements and, rightly so, were queuing up to congratulate the Sqad on their stunning attempt to bring the World Cup home.

What a twonk! No doubt his reaction is political. If Corbyn had extended an invite, Linekar's response would probably have been entirely different.


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/// No doubt his reaction is political. ///

Unlike yours of course,
''What a disgraceful and disrespectful attitude towards Conservative politicians''

Is it?
Perhaps if politicians did more to promote and encourage sport in school.....and out of school for that matter.....and stopped selling off our playing fields I'd agree, NoM...x
extremely churlish and does not reflect well on him...
all sporting celebs from Olympics etc etc are officially welcomed back by Downing Street reception..nothing new
never had ole loin acre ((c)Mick Channon!) down as a lefty!
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Exactly, Minty, so why be so publicly rude to a public servant?

The squad did so very well, the country are immensely proud even following last night's defeat and PM and co want to say, "well done." There's no justification for such bad manners.
It was a daft thing for Lineker to say. The PM almost always hosts our international sportspeople when they've had an outstanding success. It's not basking in their reflected glory. It's congratulating them on a job well done and thanking them for the happiness and excitement they've given the country.
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He is totally, 3T. He thinks we should take an unlimited number of migrants, but I've yet to see him offer his own home as a shelter.
What's a " sporting celeb" ?
One who's game. So you can shoot them in season.
I think that's August og . :-)
well nomercy he's got a few quid you'd think he'd put up some in his mansion! Typical Champaign socialist!
Lineker's very intoxicated with his ego. He thinks, because he was a good kickballer and is now fabulously wealthy, he has the right to spout his anti Brexit left wing/liberal views and more importantly, be listened to!! I have come to loath him just lately when once when he played kickball, I respected him. He says, without any proof, that all 17.4 million of us who voted Brexit are fascists, racists. Sorry pal you are one deluded pratttttt !!
What’s Kickball?
I suspect Mr Lineker would have a similar view regardless of the party in government.

It's his personal opinion on his Twitter account, people can agree, or not, or not really care.
Always has been a jug eared git.
I can't agree with his politics, but I don't blame him for tweeting what he thinks. I can't imagine anyone on here holding back if they had 7 million followers.
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Early days, yet, grandpajoe, but yours is a contender for BA.

3T, indeed. I wonder if he would voluntarily surrender more tax from his considerable income to fund his dream of never-ending hospitality to all Britain-bound migrants.
It's a shame to inject a sour note, but there's a lot of that about.

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Linekar's Outburst.

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