Linekar's Outburst.

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NoMercy | 19:37 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | News
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What a disgraceful and disrespectful attitude towards Conservative politicians. The whole country is proud of England and their achievements and, rightly so, were queuing up to congratulate the Sqad on their stunning attempt to bring the World Cup home.

What a twonk! No doubt his reaction is political. If Corbyn had extended an invite, Linekar's response would probably have been entirely different.


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//Wave your Union flag with pride.//

I’ve just used it for wiping my bum
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He is entitled to his opinion as much as anyone is on this site as for the comment about //shedding your dignity on social media whilst verbally abusing those who hold public office // is something you all do everyday when you tear shreds of May for not doing Brexit as quick as you think it should happen or the Khan or the countless others you all diss every day.
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//Ooooh,a Scottish racist and Anglophobe ...and they keep on claiming not to be.Strange.//

I’ve been found out,....... you must be Sherlock Holmes or something. I ve been trying to hide my anti Englishness for years on here and you’ve sussed me already, here have a coconut ... it’s ok it’s an English one, taste is bitter tho
so you just wiped your bum with the saltire then steg? You did know it is part of the union flag? We know you hate England but I always thought you liked Scotland.
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fair enough but he also seems to hate Scotland too, wiping his plaster with the Saltire for example. Anyway thanks vengaroberta, Scots like you and Minty and others do restore my faith that bigots like steg are not the majority.

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Linekar's Outburst.

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