Linekar's Outburst.

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NoMercy | 19:37 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | News
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What a disgraceful and disrespectful attitude towards Conservative politicians. The whole country is proud of England and their achievements and, rightly so, were queuing up to congratulate the Sqad on their stunning attempt to bring the World Cup home.

What a twonk! No doubt his reaction is political. If Corbyn had extended an invite, Linekar's response would probably have been entirely different.


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/// it might be as well to park the hysterical hype ///

Well said.
Could they just have a pot of tea and a bun?
It wasn't that long GL . Was the darling of English football ? I thought " felony" was an American crime ?
Question Author
NJ, that's a fabulous argument for not recognising any form of achievement, though I must say you performed an excellent post-mortem there. Credit and recognition where they're due...

Rather than break it down to fractions, percentages and statistics, why not just accept that England progressed further than long-time favourites and historical winners and absolutely shone in some matches, and just say a big, "Well done, you were great. Better luck next time."

There's very little to crow about in our Country these days, so why the need to pour scorn on such a valiant effort by a young team of sportsmen?
Question Author
Felony, felon, felonious ... surely they are words imported into our language, such as schadenfreud, poltergeist, doppleganger...?

" why the need to pour scorn on such a valiant effort by a young team of sportsmen?"

I've poured no scorn on them. I said they did OK. But that's about it. They didn't do badly, they didn't excel. They did OK. Most importantly it means Mrs NJ and I will be able to go out for our usual Sunday evening fodder and tinctures without running the risk of encountering a load of hysterical maniacs intent on ruining our steak and chips.
Thought someone like you would know that there is no 'joint third' New Judge. England face Belgium on Saturday to see who is 3rd and who is 4th.
England were not one of the fancied sides in the tournament so reaching the semi-final was an over-achievement.
Prior to the tournament, weren't Boris and co suggesting that it may be better if the team and the fans didn't go to Russia? Now they want to celebrate the teams performance out there!
Maybe, just maybe, that was the reason behind Lineker's tweet.
Question Author
NJ, I'm sure you could have done that with England competing in the WCF, had you sourced the right kind of establishment and one which was situated in a nice area.

England, by past standards and by virtue of the level of international competition, has exceeded the expectations of their nation in this competition. For pity's sake, give them a cheer. The spirit of the nation, for just a short while, was so heart-warming. Even going to Aldi was enjoyable, for a change.
Mr Lineker is welcome to his opinion, is he not? I agree with him.
I don't know anything about football, but he comes across as a plonker.
Question Author
Arky, he's welcome to his opinion, as am I.

Having an opinion and shedding your dignity on social media whilst verbally abusing those who hold public office are two different things.
What a lot of fuss about a ruddy game of football, or can't I be proud of being English unless I support this football team ?? It's just a game and it's almost over, thank God! And I'm entitled to my opinion as well ...
NoM. Felony was still a crime when I was a serving police officer.
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//Here they come: politicians jumping on the football bandwagon when it suits them. We all know you don’t give a monkey’s about the sport until you want to bask in any reflective glory//

I 100% agree with his comment.

How much has the government injected into football academies in deprived neighbourhoods again as I keep reading about many who don’t receive enough funding.

Boris’s comment was just made for brownie points imo.
Minkyme // How much has the government injected into football academies//
I’m no proud of them, and they weren’t representing me.
If the English Parliament want to celebrate/congratulate their English team doing ok at wc then that’s up to them
not the English parliament, just the British government I should think, Steg. The team may have come 3rd/4th, but I doubt the British government would rank in anyone's top four, so there's reflected glory to be had.
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vengaroberta //We are all British on this site,Steg.//

I think you may just be a teeny wee bitty no right there

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Linekar's Outburst.

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