The Trump Visit

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coldstream-1971 | 16:01 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | News
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The Trump Visit

For or Against?


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For. Brexit will mean we need all the business allies we can get, although Trump doesn't seem too keen to be 'diplomatic'.

(But also in favour of the protests).
Don't particularly care whether he comes here or not but since he's been invited every courtesy should be afforded to him.


There are plenty of leaders round the world who we may disagree with on some things, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give a civilised welcome to them.

Sadiq Khan should be ashamed being linked with the blimp. He should have downright refused permission.
I cannot believe it of Khan myself. Not in keeping with mayoral duties.
Grossly disrespectful. As the head of state of a friendly country he should be accorded all civilities. Khan is an utter disgrace. Let us hope that Trump does not consider these snowflakes as representative of the UK population.
For and I think the protests, particularly blimp, are disgusting.
I think it is high time that the capital of the UK was moved out of London to somewhere more civilised, such as Winchester, Oxford or York, and that the stinking sewer which is now London be left to wallow in its own mire.
For. As for the protests, puerile at best, but wholly ineffective because he couldn't give a hoot. They will cost a lot of money, cause a lot of disruption, and achieve precisely zilch.
Just as long as he doesn't come knocking on my door expecting a glass of my Martell, i don't give a flying fig.
I'd welcome him with open arms if he knocked on my door!
For - he is the President of the USA, a close ally of the UK.

I believe that people should respect his position, if not him personally, so I think the blimp protest was childish and inappropriate.

Not that Donald Trump is not a deeply odious human being, he clearly is, but his position should be accorded respect.
For, he's the president of the USA, I don't give rats April what a bunch of lefties think of the man they should respect the office and the US electorate that put him there. Khan has made a serious error allowing this blimp fiasco. Can you imagine if a bunch of aussie republicans did similar on a royal visit?
Someone said "we fought together, we died together, we stick together". United we stand in spite of dissidents.
well the people of Lundy have to amuse themselves somehow now that we are out of the World Cup....
and it is not new

His reputation for brutality had spread throughout western Europe. In Brussels, Haynau narrowly escaped mob violence. In London, he was attacked by some draymen from the Barclay & Perkins brewery who threw mud and dung at him and chased him down the Borough High Street, shouting "Down with the Austrian butcher!".

Gen Haynau was known in Lundy as Gen Hyena
and that was 1864
Definitely 'For'. He represents the USA and we need trade deals. Jackdaw is right in thinking that the capital city should displace from the increasingly Great Wen which is London and relocate to somewhere which has real people in it - as opposed to the febrile mob which Sadiq Khan orchestrates. That man is a disgrace to his position.
Office and person are not necessarily so separate (oh if only they were...). Trump's personality has a huge impact on the kind of presidency the US has, and that affects all of us.
Also the idea of moving the capital because you don't like the current one is incredibly snowflakey ;)

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The Trump Visit

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