The Trump Visit

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coldstream-1971 | 16:01 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | News
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The Trump Visit

For or Against?


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Perhaps the "people" who complained about the adverts prefer to wear burkas and eat halal food.
I couldnt give a monkeys whether he comes here or not.

However now he is here it is pleasing to see the Lefties seething so perhaps it's a good thing!

Seems to be giving Treason May a kicking too - again a good thing.
//Is this the same Khan who banned an advert featuring a woman in a bikini on the underground calling it demeaning for passengers?//

It is indeed. It’s also the same Khan who says that criticism of FGM is a hate crime.
For - but if people want to protest about it, that's fine. We have the freedom to protest about things here.

Last night, after the lavish gala dinner Theresa May held for him in honour of his first visit as US President, Donald Trump told journalists at Chequers that he and Theresa May had "probably never developed a better relationship".
As he was saying this he knew perfectly well that he'd already given an interview to Rupert Murdoch's hacks at The S*n lambasting Theresa May, accusing her of "wrecking Brexit" attacking her Brexit White Paper, tipping Boris Johnson to replace her as Prime Minister, and threatening to put Britain to the back of the trade queue!
Imagine the kind of *** who comes to your house, eats your food, praises you, and pretends to be your best friend ... when they've already told the whole world how much they hate and despise you, and how much they're looking forward to seeing you get sacked from your job!
That's the President of the United States, and that's the shockingly untrustworthy charlatan the Brextremists are pinning their hopes on for a fantastic trade deal once we've done flouncing away from our neighbours!
it's politics not personal !
I heard the blimp is travelling to Scotland for his visit .
it's not !
It’s going to Turnberry
-- answer removed --
The gentleman was interviewed just an hour ago and he confirmed he is taking it to Scotland with a view to fly it as near to Trump Turnberry as possible.
Completely agree, Canary.

This president is remarkably erratic and inconsistent. The few constants about him are his constant backstabbing of people who get close to him, hatred of the press, thin-skinned temper-tantrums on the internet (which often contradict members of his own government), and frankly corrupt behaviour. He is not fit for office and is a danger to the world.
//“With that in mind, and on this occasion, we are unable to grant permission for the balloon to fly in that area. However, we are in discussion with the applicants about possible alternatives‎.”//

From Minty's link.
How about America? Or would they be afraid to do so? I will chip in if someone crowdfunds that.
Kromo //He is not fit for office and is a danger to the world.//
A danger to the world? Have you forgotten what he managed to do with North Korea?
What exactly did Trump achieve with North Korea?
That is not even worthy of an answer.Unless you are living on another planet you are well aware of what was achieved.
Danny some people have very short memories.
Rather more selective than short Emmie.
As far as I know, he agreed to stop military exercises in South Korea, and did so in exchange for a pledge that NK would denuclearise. A pledge which they have already made on at least six separate occasions in the past.

It's exactly the kind of deal you'd expect when someone fires all their diplomats.

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The Trump Visit

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