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Sqad | 14:30 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | News
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Even sex now is being labelled as a mental disorder and i now suppose that there will be a sex addictive "spectrum."
Who would want to be cured of this "mental disorder?".......perverts or rapists I suppose.

"This could be sex with a partner, masturbation, pornography use, visiting prostitutes or using chat lines."

I thought the above was normal male behaviour.........but not now i gather.


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Another label! Still, I'm sure Pharmacutical Companies will come up with the right drug... :-(
I think this was brought up recently when the compulsive video gaming was also brought into this realm - I simply feel as some others did that any addiction can be unhealthy.
Especially when it creates problems in leading your day to day life.
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"This could be sex with a partner, masturbation, pornography use, visiting prostitutes or using chat lines."

Woody Allen made a plausible case for number two in the list, arguing that (a) you meet a better class of woman, and (b) you don't have to look your best.
Sex addiction isn't new.
And it's not normal behaviour.
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You may or may not be correct, BUT, the WHO has only just "labelled" it as an addiction, for which I have always thought was a normal non medical, human situation.
I don't know but I do know that celebs have been treated for it for many years.

If it's interfering with someones life then surely you can see it's a condition that needs addressing. Everything in moderation is fine.
WHO have just accepted it as Mental Disorder, it makes no matter whether it's on any list of recognised issues - if it affects someone life badly enough it's a problem.

We hear a lot about Celebrities, they have the money to seek out private help, getting a bit of recognition for others may go some way to help being available to others too if needed.
sqad, I'm tempted to say I always knew you were potty ... but I'd only have the terminally righteous on my back .... so I won't. ;o)
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"I don't know but I do know that celebs have been treated for it for many years."

Do you?
Many celebs have allegedly had sex counselling, but , for one, Michael Douglas, he denied it when interviewed on TV by Terry Wogan.

" affecting their lives?"....if they are not perverts or rapists, how else could the need for constant sex affect one's life?
What is constant sex...daily? once a week? we know?

i disagree with ummmm as i think that :
"This could be sex with a partner, masturbation, pornography use, visiting prostitutes or using chat lines."
IS normal behaviour for a male. normal being defined as more than 50% indulge.
Spectrum creation is a nice wee pyramid industry, niches for all, just name it.
Sqad...when your responsibilities start being neglected because of watching porn.
And it's numerous times a day. Once a day falls into the 'normal' imo.
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Well ummmm.......watching porn is a self limiting condition in my experience,the hype soon wearing off and i feel that the constant need for watching porn is exceedingly unusual, certainly after a period of time, as are the other manifestations...e.g masturbation, prostitutes and chat being a NORMAL phase in ones's life which most , if not all males go through.

The fact that a normal phase of life becomes either extended or indeed affecting your responsibilities to me is not a mental condition but as an extension of normality, certainly not to be labelled as a " mental condition".
I don't feel the labelling as such is of any real use to most except for raising awareness that it is more than a few celebrities spouting about laying anyone they can get their hands on.

It can be measure like a quarter of humbugs either, if it affects day to day life it's a problem.

Experts can't agree either on the topic but I found this link concise and raised a few interesting points.

I know it isn't UK based.
^ It can't be measured - correction.
It's like any addiction, Sqad. Do you believe that gambling addictions are not real? It's easy to say 'just don't bet again' but it's not that simple.

I believe, rightly or wrongly, that people get addicted to adrenaline. That might be released through porn, sex, gambling, and really dangerous sports.

So to me I believe people can become sex addicts.
Not only males have this addiction. When I worked in Mental Health we did get the occasional nymphomaniac.
Agree with ummmm....addictions are addictions even to sex... For whatever reason they do exist IMO and if interfering in a 'normal' way of life isn't normal.

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