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Sqad | 14:30 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | News
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Even sex now is being labelled as a mental disorder and i now suppose that there will be a sex addictive "spectrum."
Who would want to be cured of this "mental disorder?".......perverts or rapists I suppose.

"This could be sex with a partner, masturbation, pornography use, visiting prostitutes or using chat lines."

I thought the above was normal male behaviour.........but not now i gather.


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Andres....same here. The girls were actually worse than the boys in my experience.
^^^ I am going back to the 80s so it must have been a mental health condition for years. Nothing new.
Andres I am sure you are right, it's just that news travels faster these days .... This addiction has always been around...just that we communicate more about everything so it's at the forefront....such if life in the 21st century ....
That's precisely it. Females were called nymphs and I don't think men were labelled at the time.
Is it 'normal' to go with prostitutes?
I always considered it a bit deviant.
In what way ? We all pay for it one way or another.

It's normal up to the point where someone is getting more than oneself. Then it's addiction and they need to be drugged to take their mind off it.
Rockrose.....I don't think it's normal to go with with prostitutes.

I also think the internet has played a massive part in sex addiction. Free porn is so accessible. Long gone are the days of dirty mags and an a imagination. Nowadays it's instant gratification.

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".I don't think it's normal to go with with prostitutes. "

Depends upon what you call ..NORMAL.....and we have had this debate before.
My definition is that something performed or accepted by more than 50% of a population is NORMAL, which would make seeking extramarital female company for sex...NORMAL.

P.S I am sure that Ginger is in the group. be it in the minority that has frequented then"ladies."...;-)
Its not normal over 50% its just common.... Quality over quantity makes more sense to me.
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rowan....I don't understand your answer.
Sqad.....single men, maybe. Ginge would never dream of visiting a prostitute. 1) he's loyal...2)he's far too lazy

Porn is another matter.
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ummmm...we will have to disagree.......married men are equally likely to go to massage parlours and prostitutes as single men, the common denominator being..MALE.
If something is deemed acceptable or is undertaken by more than 50% of a given population it is common within that population, Not necessarily normal. I am sure people wouldn't like to think of stealing as normal but that would meet your criteria as I am sure almost everyone has stolen something in their lives. By my definition it would be common. Not in the sense of low class but in the context of a frequent occurrence.

When it comes to behaviours viewed as addictive I simply state I prefer less of better be it wine, chocolate or lovers
Ginge knows she'd have his testicles for earrings if he tried
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Well I have defined my understanding of the term NORMAL for my discussions with ummmm in order that we both sing from the same hymn, by my definition NORMAL is defined in this context as the action of more than 50% of a male population.

"When it comes to behaviours viewed as addictive I simply state I prefer less of better be it wine, chocolate or lovers"

Maybe, but you are a woman and that may not necessarily be the philosophy of many men. Often was is not looking for a meaningful relationship, but one of sexual relief. The meaningful relationship may be in existence at home but not performing the action of sexual relief that many men require and regard as NORMAL behaviour.
Massage parlours and prostitution are booming industries..why? because there is increasing demand.
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LOL...but ginge may be smarter that ummmm gives him credit for.....
No I've met them he has no chance
I thought you were worried I thought you were common

Question Author
mmmmm! rowan...............maybe!
lol ummmm layed the law down...." no dunking ginger nuts" x

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