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-Talbot- | 19:18 Mon 09th Jul 2018 | News
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for dancing.

I guess the answer is education?


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No Talbot the answer is syncopation. :))
I can't even begin to understand laws like this. I have never felt the fact that I am female has stopped me doing anything that I wished to do. We should ALL have that freedom.
If only.
It’s what happens when you have Clerics (Male) running the country. Time for an Iranian Revolution II, and kick the religious zealots out. It won’t happen because Trump and Johnson (RIP) boost the zealots power, but we can hope.
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Should have known this would be Trump's fault.
the first revolution happened chiefly as a result of US/UK interference in Iran, overthrowing the elected leader and installing the Shah. Probably best if they keep their distance in the future.

Yes, the answer is education, but while Westerners scoff at the mere notion of changing the way zealots think, there is little chance of progress in that area.
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Might have known the west would be at fault.
good ole religion of peace, education won't help, what are you going to teach them?? That they are barbarians?
It is not that long ago that Greater Manchester had a very religious man, James Anderton, as its Chief Constable. I recall in my youth that performances by pop artists in the City were not really permitted on a Sunday. If any were alowed, they had to finish early.
Fortunately Anderton’s tenure was short, and Jollification resumed quickly, but for a few years it was like living under an oppressive Ayatollah.
the US should have known; it's still remarkable that the revolution took them completely by surprise.
It's very difficult, if not downright impossible, to educate those who have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be educated.
Gromit, you may recall that when Eric Idle played KoKo in The Mikado, he reworked the targets in the song "I've Got a Little List", as KoKos often do, and included

Bishops who don't believe in God
Chief constables who do

I believe he had Anderton in mind at the time
yeah gromit hardly comparable, Anderton wasn't dishing out jail and corporal punishment.
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I doubt he was banning gigs either.
He was stopping me dancing on a Sunday. But grudgingly I have to admit his remit was crime prevention :-)

Just looked up Anderton on Wiki, and It made me smile and wince in equal measure. Give it a read TTT, I am sure there is stuff their that you will like.
sanmac - // It's very difficult, if not downright impossible, to educate those who have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be educated. //

If no-one made a start educating people who have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be educated, then there would still be slaves working in the USA.

I am sure Abraham Lincoln, and Rosa Parkes, and Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela all thought that they faced an uphill apparently impossible task in changing the minds of millions of people - but it didn't stop them making a start - and a change.

If we all shrug our shoulders and say that people living in archaic unfair societies don't want to be changed, so let's just not bother, then nothing is ever going to change.
in 1987 there was a billboard "campaign" featuring said chief constable, with the slogan "halo halo halo" - which Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond (aka The KLF) nicely subverted with a graffito that read "sh@g sh@g sh@g". outstanding.
// The Sunday Observance Act 1780 was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain. Originally eight sections long, only sections 1 to 3 were still in force after the 1960s. These sections prohibited the use of any building or room for public entertainment or debate on a Sunday. //

Everywhere else had turned a blind eye to the Sunday Obserance Act by the 1980’s, but Anderton enforced it. It was still lwa, and Anderton enforced the law, and banned gigs.
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Long live white wednesdays

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