David Davies .

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anneasquith | 01:17 Mon 09th Jul 2018 | News
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As above DD resigns ..........daily mil !!!!


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David Davis

I posted this earlier, but even though the thread was in News seems it was a joke.
And it is followed by the resignation of Wycombe MP Steven Baker.
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Sorry M I didn't see your post.
It doesn't matter a bit, better here - makes more sense,

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Right.......... That would be David Davis .
he's taken a few ministers with him, hasn't he? Not that they were doing their job well, but they seem to be trying to drop the government in it.
Didn't the whole cabinet agree just three days ago to uphold May's plan?

They just can't help themselves. What a bunch of liars.
If I'm not mistaken, DexEU has five ministers - and three of them have resigned.

When our leave deadline is in eight months.

What an absolute calamity. These people are just fundamentally unfit to be leading us through this. What a disastrous crock of useless idiots.
It's what happens when people are promoted well beyond their abilities.
David Davis is a supremely incompetent minister who should never have been put anywhere near cabinet. For that reason alone his departure should be celebrated.
Which of the following would be funnier?

A) Davis triggers a series of resignations incl. Gove/Johnson, collapsing the government.

B) Gove/Johnson look the other way and choose not to resign, making Davis look a bit silly for believing them in the first place.
It would have to be A, surely.

They've done B too often already.
Gove is hotly fancied to take over from Davis.
B - although Davis is quite capable of looking silly without any help
A could see Tora’s Man Corbyn in No 10 by Christmas and I would laugh at that but only for a very short while
It should have been Gove in the first place. A scary bloke but a competent scary bloke which at least is something
Oh dear,
what will we do now /
I suppose we will have to wait and see what our masters do
This has become a complete farce of Rix-esque proportions. Had this been scripted, it would probably have been rejected as too fanciful. Meanwhile, the architect of this farce, a certain David Cameron, carries on as normal. Whether you voted to put your slippers on and relax, or pack your bags and go, you must feel a sense of shame that the people we elected to run our country, cannot even agree among themselves as to a proper exit strategy.
Just another Manic Monday.
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Can you hear the laughing from Brussels yet ?

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David Davies .

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