Former Policeman’S Attackers Get Suspended Sentences

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Gromit | 05:59 Mon 02nd Jul 2018 | News
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A former policeman of 29 years service had his neck broken in an attack by a father and son, and four masked attackers. The masked attackers were never identified as the father refused to cooperate with the police. A video recorder was stolen in the incident.

The pair got a suspeded sentence and walked free from court.
Pretty lenient in the circumstances?


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No doubt someone will be along shortly to tell us the law has been upheld.
a character reference from the sister of "the people's princess" clearly did them no harm.
Our judicial system is an absolute joke. These thugs should have been sent to prison for an indefinite period and only given a finite term when they revealed the identity of their accomplices.

It beggars belief.
NM has just posted along the lines I was going to.

They should have been given life with a minimum 10 year tally if they reveal the names of their accomplices, 25 years if they don't.
shocking !
Lock them up and throw away the key , bread and water diet.
Is there anyway the Police Force can appeal against the sentence being to lenient?
Savages should be in jail for a long time but I'm surprised at you bringing this up gromit, you're normally against punishing criminal low lives.
Utter disgrace, yet another example of how the liberal judiciary are wrecking the country. I sometimes wonder why the Police bother, but then they dont now do they probably totally demoralized.
Usual answer on here from someone trying to add an insult to a serious post
Who has done that then ?
Mushroom @07.11
Can't see any reference to a character witness in the link.
The link to an April article doesn't mention the sentence.

Sounds ridiculously lenient. I assume it was the uncaught masked cowards that did the damage.
no insult intended Gulliver - Sarah McCorquodale DID provide a character reference, and it IS believed that put a spin on the sentence.

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Former Policeman’S Attackers Get Suspended Sentences

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