Will This See An Increase In Tourism, Or Start A Trend?

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EDDIE51 | 08:39 Wed 20th Jun 2018 | News
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Recreational use of Cannabis is now fully legal in Canada.


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Anyone in the States or the UK can smoke weed whenever they want. They do not have to travel thousands of miles to do so.
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Gromit , Still illegal apart from medical use in the UK. Still illegal in most of the USA , I know some States now allow it to be grown commercially . A few places have decriminalised it (Portugal for example) which is NOT the same as making it fully legal for recreational use,as Canada has done.
Yep as gromit says, no need to cross the pond, plenty of FBWD in UK.
Isn't Amsterdam closer?
// Still illegal apart from medical use in the UK //

But no one with recreational use quantities is ever arrested or charged. Canada is attempting to take the criminality out of using. If the public no longer have to fratenise with criminals and make them rich, then that benefits society as a whole (if it works).
But no tourism benefits. Amsterdam used to allow it, and tourists used the cafes, but I don’t think many if any went to Amsterdam for that sole reason. There are other greater attractions in Amsterdam and Canada to attract tourists.
The pro's ?

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Will This See An Increase In Tourism, Or Start A Trend?

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