Beak Where It's Due....

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ToraToraTora | 18:20 Thu 14th Jun 2018 | News
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The question was not, "what is another name for a humming birds beak" - it was .....
So I think this was a bit unfair on the Wee un.


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I quite agree. 5 year olds would have struggled to understand the question, let alone answer it. Why do you think I got out of teaching ASAP?
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the question was nothing to do with the hummingbird really; "The humming bird has a thin beak, what is another word for a beak?" - Bill.
Pity 'magistrate' was not one of the options.
" IQs have fallen by seven points per generation" J/D was a teacher?
I think JD taught by rote rather than using questions to see whether a child can cut out the superfluous elements in them and thereby identify the ‘thinkers’ from the ‘learners’.
it was a multichoice question. The child had to choose from three options - skin, bill or body. The man from Labour omitted to mention this.

So in essence it was asking what part of a hummingbird is the beak. I could have answered that at five. I'm sorry to hear it's driving Scottish toddlers to suicide.
The question was even simpler than that. It was ‘what is another word for beak’. The hummingbird was the superfluous part.
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yes the humming bird is irrelevant
I got it.
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// bit unfair on the Wee un.//

coo yeah dat foo! ....

( sorry that was written in free-tee-speak)
// The hummingbird was the superfluous part.//

the idea of a good one-liner is that nothing should be superfluous

I went to Philadlphia once - but it was closed !

o god this isnt about one-liners it is about something else.
the hummingbird bit is called a distractor
and the idea is to get the children to filter out irrelevance as a skill. Those who did O levels ( now deceased ) will find this odd as the rule then was that extraneous info irrelevant to the answer was 'unfair' to the candidates
I get the question in the OP but not PP's post I'm afraid :-(

Usual 2 decide to have a dig at another poster rather than participate in the thread I see. Just another day on AB!
Yet again a politician climbs upon his high horse to deliver a crushing blow to an opponent only to be left looking like a big hairy unwashed lady garden when their cleverness receives cursory examination.

These lying, scheming knobs DEMAND respect y'know.
Visual aids have always been important in teaching, especially younger children. A hummingbird was chosen but it could easily have been a duck. A hummingbird might be superfluous but a bird would not be.

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Beak Where It's Due....

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