Mugged May Sits Down

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spathiphyllum | 11:27 Thu 14th Jun 2018 | News
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How could someone from your own party be so against your every action? Does this show a lack of support in the conservative party?


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Whaaat, Eddie? Spath is corrupt, useless and full of hot air? No way....!
13:22 Thu 14th Jun 2018
She needs to learn put-downs.
But she's only herself to blame.
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She didn't even go on to comment on Jeremys main statement, instead she went on to do a pitty speech about grenfell. A similar strategy by american politicians, whenever they mention 911 people cheer with glee and hope.

Very uncomfortable to watch live yesterday.she should not be in the job nor really should corbyn,, they are both in the position because of brexit. No one in either party want to " manage" brexit. The Westminster government are so divided, one pm being ridiculed by the oppossision and her own party .
In the interest of clarity, you do realise that Lois Griffin isn't real, yes?
very astute of her, mention Grenfell ... that'll stop 'em laughing

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aelmpvw, her tactics exactly! which is why i likened it to the Louis 911 scene from Family Guy.

I feel the whole brexit thing is failing. It's taking too much time, too many resources and it's attracting too much attention.

I've never voted conservative.... I assume there are some who always vote conservative...

Cameran said we should not go down the brexit path. The conservatives (who voted for this man) laughed him out, and along we went. Now, down the line, people blame Cameron, when he didn't want it in the first place and praise Theresa... She took the only opportunity she ever had at PM and ran with it, this whole 'show' is for her personal gain, and i bet she regrets the decisions she's made.

It's a sham. Get all of the politicians out, and get new ones in. Real people, not just those specifically educated or associated with already PMs.
"and praise Theresa"
Who does ? The EU maybe ?
Watch the video again. She sat down to wait for the racket to subside and appealed to the speaker to intervene - but that won't stop the Daily Mirror - or others - spinning.
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I know naomi, but she still sat down, in the sense she did not even talk on what Jeremy said, but instead, USED a tragic event to distract attention.

Grim show of politics.
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Maybe cons OG are in favour of our current leader, and if not, why is she PM?
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spath, she didn't respond to Corbyn's question because it was a stupid one, described by the Mirror, as a 'taunt' - and that's exactly what it was.

She did, however, respond at some length to his comments on Grenfell.
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Was it? It was recommended by her own party member, the foreign sectary, who, i'd assume knew a bit about foreign relations. Are these people not elected because the public feel they are the brightest bunch when it comes to politics?

Her negotiation skills have been proven to be weak. The thing is a shambles and you're picking at this thread for pickings sake.

It did require a response i think, because to ignore it, is trying to brush it under the carpet. Another MP trick they use quite a lot.
spath, I’m not picking at this thread for pickings sake. I’m putting the record straight because I dislike intensely this sort of dishonesty. I agree with you though in some things though. As a negotiator for Brexit I wish she was stronger because she is a disappointment - but then I think whoever had been charged with the task would have encountered equal opposition.
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"I’m putting the record straight because I dislike intensely this sort of dishonesty"

I have provided a link, to a 13 minute video. There is nothing bent about the record, naomi. The title 'May' be slightly deceiving, but it's not a lie, is it?
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She can't answer a question, without slating the other party, who may i let everyone know, are NOT in power, so what labour says at the moment, is moot, because no actions will ever be put into words. So what she is doing, is moot. Answer the questions, inform us of the deals, and stop being a school girl.
//The title 'May' be slightly deceiving, but it's not a lie, is it? //

Yes, spath, it is a lie. Even 'slightly deceiving' is a lie - and all parties slate one another. I refer you back to Mr Corbyn's inane question.

Expecting her to 'inform us of the deals' before the 'deals' are decided is ridiculous. You don't play poker and show your opponent your cards, do you?
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Well, how i see it, she got mugged off, her own party were laughing at her and smirking whilst she was stood in horror. Then she sat down and the speaker had to tell others to quieten. So the title "Mugged May Sits Down" Is fine.

Ah yes you've said it... before the deals are decided... How long has it been? What are they deciding? How much longer do they want? Whilst they're playing monopoly, people are trying to get on with their lives but they can;t because they're worried on the unknown impacts of the un yet decided deal. The thing is a shambles.
"why is she PM"
Why is anyone elected leader ? Compromise !

Surely you recall; anyone with the enthusiasm to tackle Brexit properly ruled themselves out, either by words or actions. A few candidates simply changed their minds and one wonders if movers & shakers didn't have a word in their ear. And May was left standing.
Right ....

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Mugged May Sits Down

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