Saiid Javid Increases Immigration

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thesshhh | 06:03 Thu 14th Jun 2018 | News
38 Answers Is this in the best interests of Britain? Has Javid got Britain’s best interests at heart?


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IF the imports are up to the same skill level as a UK worker and IF they speak fluent English and providing they cannot bring hordes of family over (defeatst the object as more imports means more doctors/nrses etc) and IF it can be proved no one from the EU(at present) or the UK can do the job then fine. However, as I have expressed on here many times, I have the same...
07:45 Thu 14th Jun 2018
The skills shortage is a result of years of Tory cuts and privatisation. Pillocks like Sajid Javid can't understand why there is this shortage but all he has to do is look at the history of his own party, as some people who use this web site should do.
10 Clarion, Spot On,
/// The skills shortage is a result of years of Tory cuts ///

Oh! so you don't think there would be any cuts under Labour? Perhaps not, perhaps they would spend, spend, spend like they always do until they get the country in such a mess, that the Tories have to step in once again to get the figures to balance yet again.
//In this chaps case, one look at him would tell you 'he's not the full shilling//

Ah ha!

The mental illness thing.

How did I skip threads???

Please ignore.
AOG 11.17, Tories are The Present Government. Not Labour, OK!.
/// AOG 11.17, Tories are The Present Government. Not Labour, OK!. ///

I am quite aware of that fact, it is so easy to criticise others when your party doesn't have the responsibility to run the country.

Answer me this, if Labour ever get in will all our financial problems be over?
Whatever the reason, there is a dire shortage of Doctors in the UK. Fact. The measures announced are, as i suspected and commented earlier, an attempt to rectify this.
I'm dying to see Labour get in and sweep everything away that the Tories have ruined.

AOG, you've been brainwashed big time. Labour wasn't responsible for the financial meltdown. That was due to a global financial crisis. Labour saved this country from complete bankruptcy, protected peoples jobs and finances, so much so that Gordon Brown was praised by the IMF and other financial institutions for the speed and correct action that he took. There was no option but to protect this country from the international financial crisis by using what finances were available. Tories get the figures to balance again? My arm pit!
One result of "the Tories have to step in again", is the announcement today of 4,500 job losses at Rolls Royce. But I suppose that won't be anything to do with the Tories and their policies will it?

///a major easing of Britain's immigration system that will enable thousands more highly-skilled migrants to come to the UK///

At least he's talking about skilled immigrants not Economic Migrants with their hands held out for anything free.
What's all this SJ is going to ....

should be 'The government is going to ....'

SJ is carrying out Gov policy

In their efforts to eradicate the trade unions, the Tories decimated the industrial base of this country and all the skills that went with it. We are now mainly a service economy because of that.
>The skills shortage is a result of years of Tory cuts and privatisation

As the shortage of doctors (and nurses ) is the main factor here and it takes close to 9-10 years to train a doctor the problem goes back to at least 2009. Now who was the government then, 10CS? This is a long standing problem. Hopefully we can train more ourselves but it will take years and unless we relax recruitment criteria it may not be possible. I'm sure we could train more nurses though if we didn't require degree courses
10Clar, I think......make that I have that the wrong way round. The unions made British industry uncompetitive due to their unrealistic demands. How can you not see that and accuse AOG of being brainwashed?

ff, quite right about nurses and degrees. Stupid idea. Should be abolished. Now.
Zacs, the only thing wrong with the unions was their lack of support from leading Labour politicians. The unions had the right leaders, the backing of the members and the will power. With strong political support, the unions would have given working people a decent standard of living, but what the British people got was industrial decimation and greed by a few wealthy people who happened to be friends of the P.M.'s husband.
Isn't this why brexiteers voted out????
Why would Brexit supporters vote for Brexit in order to get more immigration ?
If immigration was a factor for an individual Brexit supporter then surely it's more likely that they'd want less immigration.
High time the country weaned employers off of stripping foreign countries of their labour force because they won't train or attract British labour.

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Saiid Javid Increases Immigration

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