Poundworld Has Gone *** Up.

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EDDIE51 | 12:37 Mon 11th Jun 2018 | News
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Pound World has gone into administration. I assume they will have a closing down sale. How much do you think the items will be marked down? I may look in and see if I can pick up a few bargains. Will it become '10p World' for a while?


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It is but costs more than a pound.
There are online £ shops

And there is Amazon and eBay where you can get plenty of £1 bargains. You often have to pay delivery charges but it may be cheaper than paying parking charges or bus fares.
Our Poundworld closed a while ago.

They had a 50% sale.

The demise of the high street is depressing to me. I'd far rather go out and shop than look at stuff online, bus sadly I seem to be in the minority. All these poor folk losing their jobs - terrible.
No way back, I'm afraid. Internet shopping is here to stay. There was a time when I would never have contemplated shopping on-line and giving out my card details. However increasing old age and limited mobility have caught up with me. Now Amazon is my lifeline.
I was in some town in Essex last year (Dunstable?) and I noticed that Poundland and Poundworld both had sales on. One of them had "everything for 95p" and the other was "everything for 85p".

It says something for the state of the economy that a smallish town actually has two of these stores (at least) - and that they still needed to cut prices.
Dunstable is in Bedfordshire.
then it must have been Chichester.
Geography not your strong point, I see.
humour not yours?
We have a Poundland and Poundstretcher side by side, and will be joined in a few weeks by B and M being built alongside. They are in the adjoining Morrison's car park.
Lol. Nice see exchange :-)
Nothing to do with Tory Austerity then - oh no of course not. Nice one Teresa.

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Poundworld Has Gone *** Up.

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