Welsh Smoking Ban

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sp1814 | 16:57 Tue 29th May 2018 | News
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Do you agree with this?

Wales is to become the first country in the UK to ban smoking in outdoor school spaces, playgrounds and hospital grounds.

I like the idea of 'de-normalising' smoking. Making it seem somehow seedy. I say this as someone who smoked and LOVED IT for many years.

But...I think this might be a good idea.


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Yes, I agree with it. Should be rolled out to the rest of the UK poste haste.
good idea, anything that pushes back this disgusting habit is good. Better start the count down ......5......
Be careful what you wish for TTT.

Already next in line is your pint!
yeah but at least I don't go round forcing it down peoples throats!
I’m another in favour
A couple of the hospitals near us (Reading) have a smoking ban for the whole campus.
Maybe they could add vaping to the ban whilst at it.
supposed to be the case at Edinburgh infirmary.. but it doesn't get policed
i s'pose it'll stop the pavements outside the hospitals being blocked by patients pushing drip trolleys.......
Yes, I'm all for that.
Cigarette smoke is one of the triggers for my asthma. I'll be delighted if I don't have to hold my breath going in and out of public buildings.
I would like to go further and see a ban at outdoor events.
Went to the Kent Garden Show on Saturday. It was very hot and sunny and heaving with people.
Getting stuck behind a slow moving smoker/vaper was not pleasant at all.
There's no-one worse than the converted!
I agree with Youngmafbog ..but vaping should be allowed.
Careful - you'll set Tora's timer off.
Ttt's timer has taken over 4.5 hours so far... :-). Smoking outside should be fine. Hospitals should have somewhere people can go rather than around the doorway.

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Welsh Smoking Ban

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