Stand Aside, Mrs May...

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mushroom25 | 21:22 Wed 16th May 2018 | News
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//Theresa May should "step aside" and let Labour do the Brexit deal if she cannot even get her ministers to agree on their aims, Jeremy Corbyn has said.//

unlikely of course, but if she did leave Brexit to labour, would their cabinet (if in power) be any less divided on Brexit that the conservatives?


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Strange. Labour has shown no interest in getting a Brexit deal at all. In fact they seem eager to prevent one.

They could be right about May stepping aside though, although I'm unsure how one can get Farage into the lead role with a hand picked team.
Even if she stepped aside Labour wouldn’t be in charge. Another conservative leader would be.

Or is it another Abbott type thought?
Mr Corbyn can say these things, along with things like 'Labour will be the next government ...', and 'I am going to be a good leader for the country ...' and 'Mickey Mouse comes to my house for tea every Sunday ...'.

They are all equally fanciful, they all fall down under the slightest scrutiny, but most important of all, Mr Corbyn knows there is not the remotest chance of ever being called upon to act on any of them, or prove them as even vaguely realistic.

Let's face it, with proposed Senior Cabinet members like Diane Abbot, a woman who manages the difficult feat of simultaneously talking as though English is not her first language, while also sounding as though she has just pulled herself together after sobbing hysterically for about an hour - Mr Corbyn is in no danger of troubling any government in this millennium.
I think you are being too kind to the Abbott woman.
As many of his supporters (and right-wing opponents, oddly) keep ignoring, Jeremy Corbyn is perhaps the most powerful Brexiteer in the country, if not a close second to David Davis. He's one of the only MPs who seriously believes in 'hard Brexit.'

So Labour's division is the reverse of the Tories: the latter are led by a remainer besieged by hard-Brexiteers, the former are led by a Brexiteer besieged by Remainers. Labour is, however, more likely to stay united because their leader is in a stronger position: he's already seen off a challenge to the leadership and confounded his internal critics in the last election, and I don't think anyone doubts that he'd win another leadership contest if it came down to it. May, on the other hand, is in a far less stable position within her own party.
Think Tony Blair is the man for this job.
There’d need to be an election first, which might not lead to a labour victory.
Would there not?

It’s p****ing in the wind by useless Corbyn, who’d be better off imposing the disaster of ‘hard brexit’ rather than continuing with his airy fairy statements
‘Opposing’... :-)
Labour are just as divided, remember Jezza getting a rollocking for not trying hard enough in the referendum?
The next GE is 2022 - we'll be well out by then.

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Stand Aside, Mrs May...

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