Poodicats? Illegal?

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mushroom25 | 19:45 Wed 16th May 2018 | News
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make cats illegal petition:-
the petition was rejected. but would you have signed?


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I like cats so I may biased, but this person is nuts.

I accept that many people dislike cats - cats just do their own thing and they can be a pest.

She should ask Larry at Downing street for his view on the matter.
Cats do their own thing if they are left untrained. A bit like children. Probable better to make irresponsible adult guardians illegal.
No. It's people like that who foster hatred towards animals which isn't a good thing.
no of course not. I do think that cat owners need to rethink how they allow their cats access to outdoors but make them illegal? that's just stupid.

Cats can be trained to do most things a dog can - including sniffing out drugs. But they just won't do it. In reality they are still wild animals. If they go out for the day they will do 'cat-s
..... day they will do 'cat-stuff'
No. I wouldnt have signed.

This person is a nutter.

Every cat person knows there is no such thing as "cat ownership". The cat decides if it is going to continue to live in your house. Every time you let him out he makes that decision. He may decide that next doors have a better menu/sofa/view/atmosphere/wallpaper/slave. But when (and if) he comes in you are his slave. This person has never lived in a house that a cat chose. This person needs help. Sadly this person lives VERY close to me. I am hoping that ASBO *** on his garden.
In parts if not all of Australia the dangly bits and giblets are removed from males and females to stop the little darlings breeding freely and destroying even more of the defenceless native wildlife.
ASBO has been done. He once viewed Mr BM's man bits as prey. That was an unfortunate incident.
^ Same here (in the main) if people can be bothered. You hardly ever see an intact Tom cat around
House cats learn to go in dirt boxes, not on the sofa. I don't believe for a moment outdoor cats can't learn there's a spot in it's owners garden to go. It's all excuses. Either that or cats are unsuitable animals to keep as pets in urban areas.
I can't stand cats, and I have a particular loathing for the cat that is always crapping on my drive - I think they are the closest thing to vermin you can get without actually being vermin.

Horrible bloody creatures.

But No, despite my loathing of them, I would not have signed.
Exactly OG. I'm totally fed up with having to cover my salad patch with netting to stop neighbourhood cats doing their worst amongst the lettuce and herbs - yuk!!! Cats should only be out of a house on a lead - or preferably never let out of the house at all.
Can't stand cats either.

Firstly I am extremely allergic to them, secondly sick of clearing the cat crap up from others who just chuck their cat out and thirdly fed up of having my flowers and veg dug up by them, particularly the seedlings.

But no, I wouldn't have signed the petition as it stands.

I understand that, for various reasons, people don't like cats. I can only imagine how frustrating they can be to anyone who has a garden with a 'visiting' cat.

They are frustrating, clever and devious animals. (apart from my Princess Merlin, sister of my avatar, she is frustrating, stupid and vicious).

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Dogs have owners, cats have staff!
As you hate them so much Desk, why wouldn't you have signed ?

A petition is pointless, it didn't stand a chance, BUT I wish there was some law to keep them inside at certain times to give wildlife a chance, as they do in Australia.

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Poodicats? Illegal?

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