Jamies On The Sugar Again...

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spathiphyllum | 17:18 Wed 16th May 2018 | News
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IN MY OPINION... he doesn't care that much, he just wants publicity and to be seen as a pioneer... But in reality, he's as bad as the rest of em... Why aren't his cook books free if he wants to share his healthy eating life style?

"Trust me with your kids health"... Rightio matie!


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There is reference to it on his website,yes.

//Elise from My Cupcake Addiction is here to show you how to make an indulgent Cookies & Cream Milkshake - Yum! It’s gorgeous and creamy, with chewy chocolate cookie bits in there too. She’s even got a recipe for an edible cookie cup to put it in, but you can serve it in whatever you like.

Published: 12 Nov 2014 //

Recipe not immediately visible.

Hopefully he will comment and has learned to have his site vetted better in order not to blow best intentions out of the water.
Why should he work for nothing?
//Jamies On The Sugar Again...// or peruvian marching powder..
Interesting assertion.
Last time I looked he was a bit chunky himself
I'm unkeen on his desire to tax us more in order to manipulate us, but I'd not ask him to do more for free than he wishes to contribute. Improving health is a fine aim, but it needs to stop at information and advice, not go on to interference. As for his milkshake, we can all have an occasional indulgence, if desired, to lift our mood. Just keep it as such, practice restraint.
Can't stand him or his prattling - but why you think he should give books away is anyone's guess. He's not a charity - he's a business man and he's making a lot of money.
You may not *like* Jamie Oliver...or Hugh Fernly-Whittingstall, who is also on the anti sugar bandwagon, or agree with taxing junk food...but people who care about what's happening to the nation obesity-wise DO listen.
As for the recipe on his site, many others contribute to it, including readers. I doubt it's possible to monitor every recipe.
But there are those who are so anti-JO, that they will jump to criticise everything the man says or does.
PS...his website is you can share his healthy lifestyle on there to your hearts content.
Personally I think him and fernley wittenstall are pushing for a knighthood
I don't bear any great feelings for him either way and as regards Knighthoods - it wouldn't affect my life one jot.
Question Author
"he's a business man and he's making a lot of money."

Yes, by preaching about the children.. Oh how we would all be obese like america if it wasn't for 'our jamie' what a patriot.
Hmmmm...there are plenty of medics and scientists who've been trying to get the same message across for a few years. But, as I've said, Jamie gets listened to even if he is irritating.
Then...cursed by some...while others give serious thought to what he suggests.
The world's most successful chefs of 2015
Apparently JO is the world's richest chef

Jamie Oliver: $356 million. (Reuters) ...
Rachael Ray: $50 million. (AP Photo) ...
Gordon Ramsay: $47 million. (AP Photo) ...
Mario Batali: $30 million. (AP Photo) ...
Wolfgang Puck: $20 million. (Reuters) ...
Joël Robuchon: $12.4 million. (AP Photo) ...
Alain Ducasse: $12.2 million. (AP Photo) ...
Paula Deen: $12 million. (AP Photo)

When he gets to the $400 million dollar milestone he will start giving his books away for free - probably

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Jamies On The Sugar Again...

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