Dementia-Sufferer Regains Her Memory Thanks To Diet

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naomi24 | 07:40 Wed 25th Apr 2018 | News
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A pensioner with dementia has made a remarkable recovery after switching to a Mediterranean-style diet high in blueberries and walnuts.
Sylvia Hatzer, from Prestwich, Greater Manchester, could no longer recognise her son and had to be kept in hospital for her own safety because her dementia had become so severe.
But her son, Mark, was determined not to lose another parent and so helped his mother switch diets after realising Mediterranean countries have lower rates of dementia.
She is now being held up by charity the Alzheimer's Society as an example of how the disease can be - if not be completely beaten - arrested significantly.

Wonderful! Instead of concentrating on what we do eat, perhaps we should really think about what we don’t eat on a regular basis?


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This might sound like a silly question - and it probably is because I know nothing about it - but does B12 deficiency, particularly in regard to memory loss, affect men too? Everything I've read about it seems to relate to women.
I would guess so.

Without sounding sexist I provide 90% of the food my Lads eat. I know it's good, healthy and varied. My OH phoned me about an hour ago to tell me his lunch was lovely. Me....I haven't eaten anything yet.
My symptons of unsteady walking, memory loss, and falls were caused by small TIAs.
In think I probably am short of VitD because I rarely leave the house.
Oh yeah, and cancer, keep forgetting about that.
what a wonderful story, there is hope for us all then
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It's got to be worth a try, emmie.
Naomi I absolutely agree there is no problem in trying something known not to cause other issues.

Where I have the problem is in the false hope.
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I'm a glass half full person, YMB. If hope turns out to be futile, so be it. It gives people courage and strength and will while it last.
LB...mine are Vitamin B compound strong tablets (it did used to say Vitaman B12 strong)
The symptoms are not gender oriented....affects everyone. As for taking supplements if you have severe symptoms then please seek a test because you will skew the results if you take any and you are really deficient.

If they diagnose deficiency you will be put on a course of B12 injections which will be what you require and even they take a few weeks to act. Supplements usually take longer, though IMO the best way to take orally are tablets that dissolve under the tongue or a spray for under the tongue as they go straight into the blood stream.

If you have a deficiency due to malabsorption then no amount of tablets you take will help as you won't benefit from them. If you have gut problems as in being coeliac or other conditions where you don't have chance to get them through the system that's when you will need a supplement that doesn't go through the intestines.

Hope that helps. Went for my fourth jab today and my nurse told me they are run off their feet with giving these injections because so many people are being diagnosed with the deficiency.
I've ordered some tablets so I'll see how I go. If they don't help I shan't take it any further.
Ladybirder at least you can try, no harm in doing that, good luck with it hope it works for you.
Thank you, I got the under the tongue ones you'll be pleased to hear:-)

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Dementia-Sufferer Regains Her Memory Thanks To Diet

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