Stop The War Protester Thinksassad Is Ok As He Is A Doc!

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youngmafbog | 12:17 Tue 17th Apr 2018 | News
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Just look at her demonic look too. Must have been let out for the day I reckon. Apart from the fact that the UK is not 'at war' her argument seems a trifle odd. Obviously forgotten about Shipman and a few others.

Anyone else think Bashar is a great guy as he is a Doctor ?


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the same people believe the air strikes were carried out to destroy evidence of an allied chemical atrocity. credible?
Wow ... I bet that same group would march the streets to stop Trump visiting the UK.

Glad to see she's gone for the Clasically Unhinged Look,
always a good look for a Protester.
Ha ha yes I was just reading about that. Whoever, indeed heard of an evil doctor. Mengele, for example: he was only doing it in the best interests of future generations of children ...
was that corbyns sister?
Or was it actually Corbyn in disguise?
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Ah yes, Mengele, that was the one I was trying to remember.
Shipman, was a doc wasn't he?
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"So is Theresa may a murderer yet?"

Did any British planes kill anyone?
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Take it you agree with this lady then Spath?
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//Not sure but in the OP you've confirmed it is 'war'.//

"Apart from the fact that the UK is not 'at war' " She says we are, by apart from I was removing the argument from this post to concentrate on the doctor bit - As per the actual question.

//were any people in or around the location? We're probably unsure... //

So you dont know either but you thought the accusation sounded good so you said it. Hmmmm.

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I always thought Assad trained as an optician, not a doctor. Maybe I'm wrong.
I am not a supporter of Assad, I hope he get's bumped off , but do not forget .The Conservative Party were the first Party to have , not one! but two female Prime Ministers. I think the lady mentioned in this post just looks nutty enough to be the third. She does look a little Blue in the face.

Is gullible suggesting that women are foaming at the mouth barmy?
Dr Shipman was my college medical officer back in the 70s.
Assad trained as a doctor then specialised in ophthalmology (source Wikipedia).
Of course as we know from our Agatha Christie, not to mention real life, doctors make good poisoners

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Stop The War Protester Thinksassad Is Ok As He Is A Doc!

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