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i would welcome id cards
Yes I think ID cards have more pro's than cons.

The only think Blunket got wrong was trying to make the public pay for them . The first one should be free.
I vote ID cards too, I would have had an easier life with one.

The way this has been handled is despicable frankly.
You expect anything else fro jobsworth civil servants Mammy?
I was born just after the war and think I had an ID card then.
I would definitely support them if we were offered them again.
Definitely a good idea.I can remember having one in the war.
I may be wrong , but i believe some years back , people living in this country that came over from the West Indies, were required to apply for a certificate of naturalisation .

It sounds as if she probably wasn't aware of it and therefore did not apply .

However , not a pleasant situation in which to find yourself
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Yes I can't see why we should pay for them, after all we were issued with, gas masks, air-raid shelters as well as ID cards, all free prior to WW2.
It's not what I expect Youngmaf but what these people deserve and that is better,fairer dealings.
I do totally agree with you Mammy, more a dig as the usual jobsworth we seem to get these days that cannot apply any common sense whatsoever to anything.

They should be fired.
We agree.
"One Good Reason Why Every British Citizen Should Be Issued With An Id Card." - err no, what we have here is the increasingly common civil servant's offering the, possibly technically correct but zero common sense approach, they use when they don't agree with something, this woman is used as a pawn by the na na nana na brigade.
True TTT, but id cards potentially could help in assisting to remove the right people.
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"nterrupted by officers looking for ID"

Like they do now anyway and always have? I speak from experience.
I could go with ID cards, if we didn't have to pay hundreds, but the real issue is the Soviet style "policing" that goes with it, must we carry them at all times etc? Too much like a police state for my liking.
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Since when has it been a requirement to show prospective employers a valid British passport? My passport is twelve years out of date and as I am no longer well enough to travel abroad I shan't be renewing it.

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One Good Reason Why Every British Citizen Should Be Issued With An Id Card.

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