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a pack of four for twenty quid sounds good to me, they'll last me for about four years ...

£20 for a bit stiff i'd take them back. lol
I'm glad there's a consultation first , price is reasonable for those it affects.
Question Author
And complain it didnt work mallyh ?
How can the Pharmcist know if the costumer is replying truthfully to the questions? What is to stop the heart patient denying his cardiac status?
A bad idea.
19.99 eh ... I will pop down to Asda and tonight I will tell the missus that ...I got a lion in my pocket and baby he's ready to roar
Question Author
As with all other other daft questions asked by a pharmacist there is nothing to stop anyone telling porkies.

But at least he'd hopefully go with a smile on his face.
Question Author
Stand by to repel boarders eh Talbot?
I think the idea is to stop people buying it illegally. I don't really get why it will only be sold to over 18s though being that the age of consent is 16 in this country. Not that many boys of that age would need it of course
lol talbot your missus was buying headache tablets earlier!
It always puzzles me why this distressing condition causes so much hilarity.
Absolute rip-off. You can buy 50 online for £40. I have been getting them for years.
Question Author
Probably a male thing Mamy.
A bit of a stiff question this one.
"distressing condition"

Apparently (i hear) Viagra invented erectile dysfunction. It has now become a reality from psychological affect, men thinking they get to an age where they can't 'get it up' anymore so they actually stop being able to 'get it up'. The reality is viagra is simply a stimulant that helps a male get erect once he is aroused from increased heart rate.
Think i'd be a bit too embarrassed buying Viagra at my local Tesco. I'd probably come away with a packet of condoms!
// Viagra invented erectile dysfunction.//

Is that so Spath.
do you have a link for your last statement spath?
It was initially invented for high blood pressure...

Taking Viagra whilst young can actually make erectile dysfunction much more likely in later life, so they indirectly forced this on the market, causing much more ED for people in their later lifes...

It was an accident, whilst trying to treat cardiovascular disease they discovered with slight arousal the help the drug can have on erectile dysfunction.

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