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I ran out of patience reading the link. He has a right to move here under EU law (Romanian). This is just one of the reasons why we need control of our borders.
Rmoaners dont get that people dont like unchecked immigration for exactly this reason.

Just think, if they had been more reasonable the result may well of been different!
Anyone care to explain how being out of the EU will stop such instances?
This is an interesting statement form the Daily Mail report

"'My wife then told him we had no money because we had sent it all to our family in Romania"

This is very common amongst people from poor EU countries.

So they EARN money here but spend little of it here by sending much of it back to their home country.

Another example of how the EU benefits us so little.
And again.....
Care to explain how being out of the EU will prevent this?
ZM, Border controls.
Please expand, danny.
Are border controls to be made more robust when we leave?
How will Schengen be affected?
Read the Public Accounts Committee report.
Please expand, danny.
Are border controls to be made more robust when we leave?
Not read the PAC report then.
ZM, as a fanatical remoaner nothing I,or anyone else, can say will be accepted by you so I will bow out.
Here, I’ll make it easy for you
"Whatever the result of negotiations, the Border Planning Group does not expect to have any additional border infrastructure in place by March 2019,"

Ha. No answer again. Typical leave voter , basing their opinions on.......opinion, rather than facts. You do well to bow out before you embarrass yourself further.
ZM, do you not understand the words "I will bow out"
Perfectly. You seem to have contradicted yourself though.
At present what border controls are in place for people that don't belong to or come from an EU country?

Are they allowed to come here and live without checks?Are they allowed to come on holiday and go home again with or without checks?
And how does that relate to Brexit?
Question Author
He was a convicted murderer and if being in the EU allows these people to trapes from country to country without any bother I can see the time will come when we'll be like the US and carry guns
And if there's no answer to it ZM and we just have to accept it ,what a world
bent, we didn’t join the Schengen Agreement so unfettered traipse-ing across the EU doesn’t apply to us. Fairly basic flaw in your OP, I’m afraid.
It's nothing to do with the Schengen Agreement though is it?

Simply by being a member of the EU we are pretty much powerless to stop them entering or removing them.

After 'proper' Brexit then it will be within our capabilities to decide who enters and who we ask to leave. If the Government of the day has the balls to do it of course.
Zacs; //How will Schengen be affected? //
The UK isn't in Schengen, and will have full control of its borders, what's your point?

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